My goals/habits for 2019

My goals/habits for 2019

It’s 2019. After the annual count down, the new year has started.

Fireworks are touching the dark skies with a bang. Explosions of the brightest colors are taking places all around me. All of a sudden 2018 has become 2019.

According to some, we are supposed to better our life in this one second of change. We should quit eating unhealthy foods, we should exercise more, we should accomplish more career wise… the list goes on and on and on. I personally think that New Years resolutions have such a negative atmosphere around them, even though they are invented to make a positive change.

Why is the first of January always the time to ‘start fixing’ all of your life problems? I do absolutely encourage being the best version of yourself, but why don’t you start today? I understand that it might feel like turning a new, fresh and (most importantly) blank page but yet again, it’s just yesterday’s tomorrow.

Since the first month of 2019 is coming to an end, and the chances are that quite a lot of people already quit their New Years resolutions, I wanted to write an article in which I list the new habits (instead of resolutions) that I am trying to realize as soon as possible. I already started this journey in 2018 nevertheless I feel like there is always room for improvement!

I often find myself overthinking about the smallest things or events that have occurred. All of these ‘worry sessions’ concern situations I have no influence on and have doubts about, often these situations are no big deal at all. I know that I am not in the position to change anything about it, it just happened or it will happen in the future. My goal is to let these concerns go and focus on the moments that bring me joy and happiness, instead of on the moments that make me feel sad and uninspired. If I managed to accomplish this (partially), I will hopefully also be able to enjoy the present more (instead of holding on to past events or worrying about what is yet to come).

I would also like to become more confident. I often ask myself: ‘Am I good enough? Am I performing as well as I should?’. These thoughts obviously also affect my life negatively; I should not question myself so often. I try my best and that is really all I can do. That should be enough.

I raise the bar very high for myself. Too high. I wish I could also be happy and satisfied with lower standards for myself. I should be able to just do ‘nothing’ for once and then shouldn’t be thinking about what I could have done with this time.

I should spend more time with the people I love. Because you can never spend too much time with them, being around these people always makes me feel great and free of worries!

The last but definitely not least habit for this blog is to experience more adventures. I love to do special things, which make me feel like I am on top of the world! These memories really make it a year to remember!

These were my 5 main habits that I would like to develop further this year. What are yours?
I hope you can all be the best version of yourself this year, so that we can make 2019 one to never forget!

Lots of love,


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