The city of your dreams…

The city of your dreams…

Hi everyone and happy weekend!

Today I have a very exciting blog for you, in which I worked together with ‘Printmijnstad’. In this blog I will tell you all about this amazing brand and their original concept.

Nowadays, you can find a lot of websites which offer you posters with city maps of New York, Paris or London on them. ‘Printmijnstad’ (literally translated: ‘Printmycity’) is a really special one, though!

‘Printmijnstad’ is a Dutch company specialized in stylish posters of your favorite places on earth! Yes, you read that correctly: your favorite places on earth, so not just the three most famous cities.

The unique thing about this brand is that you can design your own poster! You simply type in the name of your favorite place on earth (this could be a small island, your hometown, whatever!), then a small map will pop up. You can zoom in and out to create the perfect image of your location. After that you will choose the style of your poster. Would you like a black and white poster? Or maybe a vintage looking one? You can add a title at the bottom of your poster and choose to have the coordinates of the location as a subtitle. The last step of your design process is choosing the size of your poster, you can even decide to have your city carved out in wood!

I found out about this brand via Instagram and was amazed by their clever concept. I went for a black and white poster of one of my all-time favorite cities: Amsterdam. Their posters will look amazing in every room of your house. I chose to hang mine in the ‘chill corner’ of my room, but it also looked great on my desk. The options are literally endless.

That was it, I hope you enjoyed this blog!

Which city/location would you like to have on your poster? Let me know in the comments down below.

Thank you to the team of ‘Printmijnstad’ for this opportunity!

Lots of love,


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