Travel diary; Baltic States and Scandinavia

Travel diary; Baltic States and Scandinavia

Hey guys!

As I’m writing this blog, I’m at the Airport of Stockholm. The last few weeks I have travelled through the Baltic States and Scandinavia. I visited several cities: Riga, Tallinn, Helsinki and Stockholm. In this blog I will show you the highlights of this trip! Enjoy!

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Riga, Latvia

  1. The beautiful architecture in this city was unbelievable!
  2. Strolling through the old town of Riga during golden hour.
  3. Doing some sightseeing! In this picture I visited the freedom monument.
  4. Oh, in this picture I’m smiling at my food 😉 It was so good, it just made me smile!
  5. If you ask me, I’d say that this building is the most stunning one in the whole city. The details are amazing! It is called the House of the Blackheads.


Tallinn, Estonia


1/2. Enjoying the sunset at the beach.

3. Overlooking the whole city from the top of the St. Olav’s church. We first had to climb a billion stairs to get there but hey, everything for a good picture (and the awesome view, of course)…

4. While we were walking around the city, we accidentally came accros this cute area with tons of coloured houses! And this bird appeared to be super photogenic!

5. Celebrating my birthday in Tallinn, with cake for breakfast! I mean, not the healhiest option but life is short!



Helsinki, Finland

  1. On my birthday we took the ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki, so I basically celebrated my birthday in two different countries. We first explored Helsinki for a bit and after that…
  2. We had dinner at one of the cutest restaurants ever! It is called ‘Yes, Yes, Yes!’, it’s an entirely vegetarian restaurant and has lots of vegan options as well. I drank the most Gossip Girl cocktail ever (non-alcholic, no worries), oh and the food was outstanding!
  3. The next day in Helsinki, we went on a boat again, but this time around Helsinki’s islands. We really experienced the Finish/Scandinavian nature during these 1,5 hours! I definitely recommend it!


Stockholm, Sweden

  1. In this picture I was chilling in the lobby of my hotel. This hotel (Elite Hotel Carolina Tower), was definitely one of the best decorated hotels I’ve ever stayed at. Everything looked so fashionable, Scandinavian and trendy; exactly how I like it!
  2. This picture was taken in the old town of Stockholm: Gamla Stan. These houses are super famous and thus it was a very touristic spot, but I certainly get why: they are so pretty!
  3. Did you know Stockholm’s subways are filled with art? Some stations look like caves (see my Instagram picture, my username is: styles_by_sophie_) and others have a ceiling covered with neon lights! So cool!


While I was on vacation, I celebrated my birthday and with that the one year anniversary of ‘Styles by Sophie’.

Thank you so much for your support, to all of 1240 (and counting) readers from all over the world. Your support means a lot to me!

That was it! I hope you liked this blog.

Have a great day!

Lots of love,


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