An all black look

An all black look

Hey fashionista’s,

How are you? Today I am finally back with a new fashion blog!

This blog is focused specifically on one colour; black! Would you like to know why I am so obsessed with this fashionable colour? Then please read on!

Black is hands down my absolute favourite colour to wear since it suits every weather type, every occasion, every trend, every make up look and every style. I would say that I wear at least one black item every single day. This could be a pair of black jeans, a sweater, a pair of flared pants or a black shirt.

Combining black with other neutral tones or bright colours can be beautiful as well but my all-time favourite look is an all-black outfit. This means that I am dressed in black from head to toe. Sometimes I will pair it with white sneakers to spice up the outfit a bit. I think wearing only black results in a very elegant and sophisticated look that everyone can pull off! Since my skin color is very light and I have cool-toned eyes, the color chart states that it would be better for me to avoid black, outfit wise. I have been starting to wear more and more black over the last couple of years and luckily even my mom, who is a fashion and beauty color analysist, thinks that black looks good on me. So I would definitely suggests to wear black (if you don’t already) because I’m sure it will look great on you!

I posted this outfit on Instagram last Sunday. As you can see I combined a velvet leopard print top (with sheer parts in between the velvet print) with my beloved black flared pants. I added my velvet fanny pack to serve as a transition between the top and pants. The different structures and materials make the outfit a little more interesting. I added my two necklaces and chunky sneakers to finish the look! You know what the great thing is about this outfit? It is super comfortable! The pants are stretchy and the top is soft but because you are wearing just one colour, it looks fancy anyway! Nobody will notice that it feels like you are wearing pyjamas 😉

Today was a very sad day in the fashion industry since German designer and legend Karl Lagerfeld passed away. Karl was a massive fan of black clothing as well, so today seemed like the perfect day to post this look. Rest in peace, icon.

Hopefully this blog inspired you. Have a fantastic day!

Lots of love,


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