Fashion Week, Shawn Mendes and more! A week in my life.

Fashion Week, Shawn Mendes and more! A week in my life.

Hey guys!

Welcome (back) to Styles by Sophie, so great to have you here! Last week, I had a one week break from school in which I did a lot of fun and exciting activities. I for sure made a lot of amazing memories in this week and I would love to share them with you. I hope you enjoy this ‘week in my life’!

The Dutch students (like me!) had a week off last week because we celebrated a national tradition in the Southern part of the country called ‘carnaval’. You could compare this holiday to Halloween; we basically all dress up, go to parties and have a great time! This year I celebrated carnaval with my family throughout the day and with my friends during the night. As a fashion lover, I still wanted to have a somewhat ‘fashion proof’ costume. I was shopping and all of a sudden I found this amazing jacket; perfect for carnaval! I combined this red, black and white checkered top with a pair of black sports leggings and my white sneakers: that’s it! All of a sudden I transformed myself in a race car driver 😉

After this holiday, which lasted from Friday until Tuesday, I did some babysitting and hung out/went shopping with friends. I also met up with my cousins, I had a very good time catching up with everybody.


Thursday afternoon, we stepped in the car and drove to Amsterdam to see Shawn Mendes! I bought tickets really last-minute since I wasn’t planning to go at first. Shawn kicked off his world tour in Amsterdam, so I figured I couldn’t miss out on this amazing experience. I really enjoy Shawn’s music and think he is a fantastic artist: I just had to go! Luckily my brother wanted to join me and we ended up getting great tickets. Shawn’s special guest this tour is Alessia Cara. I had heard from her and knew a few of her songs, but that was it. Seeing her live that night in Amsterdam was a whole new thing; I was flabbergasted by her talent! I absolutely love her voice and think her songs are so meaningful. When Alessia plays the songs live, right in front of you, you really feel the emotions behind the song lyrics: so beautiful! Shawn also did an incredible job, we had an unforgettable night!


On Saturday I went to Amsterdam again but this time for a totally different reason: I went to Amsterdam to attend Amsterdam Fashion Week, together with my mother. Saturday was a day full of fashion shows and photobooth moments. I also attended a perfume workshop and got my hair styled. Would you like to see all the photos and videos I took that day? Head to my Instagram (@styles_by_sophie_) and tap the ‘Fashion Week’ highlight circle to see more of all the fashion shows. It was so nice to get an insight in the fashion industry and meet fellow bloggers and influencers.

Sunday was a day to relax and recharge before heading back to school!

I hope you liked this blog! What did you do last week? Let me know in the comments down below and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@styles_by_sophie_)!

Lots of love,


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