My favorite accessories!

My favorite accessories!

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to another fashion related blog. After all of my ‘The American Dream’ blogposts, I feel like I have to catch up on other topics that I absolutely love; such as fashion. Today I will be talking about something that can either make or break your outfit: accessories! To me, accessories are super important. I have a couple of signature pieces, which I always wear. I almost feel like some accessories, mainly jewelry, are really part of my identity since I kind of don’t feel complete (fashion-wise) without wearing them. In this blogpost, I will tell you about my favorite accessories. I hope you enjoy reading this one!

Time for an earparty!

Okay, so let’s start from the top: my ears! I have always wanted to wear earrings and was pretty young when I got my first ones; I think I was about five (I guess I have always been super obsessed with fashion haha). Because of my skin tone and hair color, I feel like silver jewelry suits me the best. My firsts earrings were silver, and to be honest I never changed (or thought about changing) to gold. I tried it once or twice but really just didn’t like the look of it on me. For the last 2 year, I was kind of debating if I should get another ear-piercing. At the end of last year, I finally decided to just do so. After 10 year, I thus got my second one. For some reason, I think that getting your ears pierced is kind of addictive as well, because I couldn’t resists getting my third one a couple of months later… oops! I really love the look of three earrings, so I definitely do not regret my decision, but I do think that this is probably sufficient 😉 ! I am wearing the combination of the three earrings shown above for the last 6 months, and I am obsessed with it! I love the hoop with the little moon hanging on it (I unfortunately forgot where I got this one from…) together with the smaller hoop and the dot earring (both from ‘Lucardi Jeweler’). It is a simple yet trendy combination that suits every look perfectly!

My fave necklaces

I used to never really wear necklaces, but since a couple of years I really enjoy wearing them. I especially love the look of wearing multiple necklaces of different heights together: it looks so put together and sophisticated! I think it looks great if the necklaces are a bit of a mix of styles, but at the same time go hand in hand concerning the links (for my Dutchies: schakels) of the necklaces. I think this playful (and adjustable!) star necklace from the brand ‘Orelia’ is the cutest! Together with my shamrock necklace (which is a bit longer) that I got at a local jeweler and this amazing wild pearl necklace from ‘Aranka Collections’ this is a match made in heaven. I am in awe of this last piece; it is so unique, girly and elegant!

My go to bracelet

I hardly ever wear bracelets, because I usually feel like my rings, earrings and necklaces are already enough. When I do feel like a bracelet would be a nice addition to my outfit, I always go for this star one which matches with my necklace (also from the brand ‘Orelia’).

My signature rings

Just like I used to not wear any necklaces when I was younger, I also hardly wore any rings. Well, that drastically changed about a year ago. I started to notice that there was a huge trend going on when talking about rings. All of a sudden, everyone was wearing seal rings! I was sold immediately! I think the vintage look to these items is amazing and I think it is fantastic that the ring isn’t too dainty: a real eye catcher! I got my initials engraved in it (see my right ring finger). This is definitely my favorite ring! About half a year later, I bought a very simple silver ring on the Vogue Flower Market in Amsterdam. The jewelry brand (‘Fashionology’) was in the middle of their sale period, and they had a little bowl in which they sold the last sizes of rings. I was lucky enough to find this gem that fits me perfectly (see my left ring finger)! I was starting to love the hunt for great rings and bought my third one. I thought the design of this ring was very different (to me, it looks like it is a silver rope that was twisted) and suited my other rings very well. I got that one from the brand ‘Zinzi’ (see my left middle finger). During my trip to Dubai this spring, I fell in love with a silver ring with a layer of beadwork in it: I had to get it (see my right middle finger)! I bought it in a local shop and unfortunately don’t remember what it is called… At this point, both my ring- and middle fingers were covered. It was now time for a pink ring! I wanted to get a ring for a long time and saw a very cute and plain one. At this time, my grandfather sadly passed away a couple of days before and therefore decided to engrave a star into the ring; as a way to always keep him with me (see my left pink). On a lighter note, I was browsing the web a couple of months ago and saw a super adorable bee ring. It was meant for children but I figured I would be able to wear it on my pink: it fit! I got this one from ‘Lucardi Jeweler’ as well (see my right pink). I am so happy with my ring collection; I wear them every single day!

To spice up my hair

Besides jewelry, I also have a couple of other accessories which I wear on a daily basis. The scrunchie trend has been going on for quite some time, last week I finally decided to hop on the bandwagon as well: I purchased 9 (!) velvet scrunchies in different shades. I have been wearing them non-stop since they were delivered. Not only are they beneficial for your hair (they prevent breakage), they also look super cute and can be worn as bracelets as well (I got these via ‘’ from the brand ‘’. I also own this light pink, shimmery hairclip (from ‘Jann Conceptstore) which really completes my (hair)look!

The best invention yet; the phone case cord

The next item is a super new trend. I am talking about the phone case cord! It is basically a see-through phone case with a cord attached to it: a perfect way to carry your phone when you don’t have any pockets (for example when wearing that super cute dress). I got this one from the brand ‘Noir the Label’ and I am so happy with it! Definitely check out this brand for the nicest accessories (including great jewelry pieces!).

Bags, bags and more bags!

What would an accessories blog be without mentioning any bags? I got this fantastic black ‘Calvin Klein’ handbag for my birthday (I bought it at the ‘Macy’s’ in San Francisco). It is a great and pretty lightweight bag that goes together with all of my outfits. It is a timeless yet trendy piece: this bag is a combination of everything I am looking for when it comes to this type of accessory. I also like to be completely ‘hands-free’ from time to time, fannypags are the perfect solution for moments like these! My favorites are this black velvet stitched one from ‘H&M’ and this black teddy fannypag with colorful letters from ‘Le Cafe Noir Studio’.

That was it! I hope you liked reading all about my favorite accessories. What are yours?

See you soon!

Lots of love,


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