My favorite Christmas-break activities

My favorite Christmas-break activities

Hey guys,

My Christmas break ended about a week ago. I had an amazing time and would thus love to reflect on the things I did (and absolutely loved), since you often tend to forget what you did or take it for granted and just live on. And who knows; you might even get some vacation inspiration from it (for those times when you feel the boredom coming up).

  • Spending time with friends and visiting family

Honestly, I feel like this is what breaks are really for. Very often, your daily life is just so busy and hectic due to which it seems hard to take time for friends and family. During breaks like these, you have a lot more time on your hands and can finally catch up with the people you love. How great is that?

  • A trip to the Ikea

On a Sunday in December, my mom and I decided to visit the Ikea and some other home decor stores. As you might know, I love interior design and am always looking for new additions to my room (check out my room tours on Styles by Sophie to see my huge change in taste when it comes to my room decor). I really enjoy strolling around stores like these, even if I don’t buy anything; the inspiration I get from shopping trips is so nice! Oh and the Ikea serves some really bomb food as well ;).

  • Baking Christmas cookies

Yeah, this activity was fun, for sure, but didn’t really succeed. For some reason my beautifully star-shaped Christmas cookies came out of the oven as a big, sizzling rectangle. I mean, the taste was still good, I just wished they looked a little more sophisticated. This is definitely fun to do, just make sure your recipe is somewhat valid and make sure to strictly follow it as well. I might try making a gingerbread house next year, I always see famous celebrities (such as Gigi and Bella Hadid) spending their Christmas Eve like this and it looks like they are always having a good time. Who is in for a gingerbread party on the 24th this upcoming Christmas?

  • Watching movies

I have probably never watched this many movies in such a short period of time. (Well, maybe that week in 2018, when I was watching Christmas movies 24/7.) I went to the cinema to watch a Dutch movie and then continued watching some amazing ones at home throughout the week. Look for the category ‘Award Winning Movies’ on Netflix and you will encounter some fantastic ones. I watched The Irishman, Inception, Call Me By Your Name, Revolutionary Road and Once Upon a Time in…. Hollywood. All equally fascinating. I have noticed that I enjoyed watching movies, together with reading and writing articles more than ever this month. I feel like I am educating myself in an enjoyable way; so great!

  • Playing games

This is also something I never make time for throughout the schoolyear. I actually kind of forgot how nice it is to sit together with family or friends, drink some tea and have some chocolate while playing a couple of games. I know it might sound a bit boring at first, but I love to disconnect from all devices and do some ‘old school’ stuff every once in a while. Playing games is one of the activities I then like to do. Just put your phones away for a couple of hours and try it for yourself, you will see what I am talking about!

  • Visiting nice cities close to you

This Christmas break I visited one of my favorite cities ever (once again); Amsterdam. I did some ice-skating on the Museum Square, checked out the Royal Palace and shopped till I dropped (let me know if you would like to read about my special day in Amsterdam in a blog!). I also visited the German city of Kleve right across the Dutch border. I had actually been there when I was a little child, but totally forgot what the city was like. Exploring this city was nice as well (though it won’t beat Amsterdam 😉 ). To end off this vacation, I visited a city I had been longing to visit for quite some time. I spent a day in Gent, in Belgium. This was one of the most stunning cities (close to home; about a 2 hour drive) that I have ever visited. Make sure to check out my blog about this city, which I uploaded last Wednesday.

I hope you liked reading about my experiences over the past couple of weeks. How was your Christmas time? Are you excited to get back to ‘normal life’ again? Let me know in the comments down below; I would love to hear from you!

Lots of love,


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