Room Tour 2019

Room Tour 2019


Every once in a while, I get really excited to change the interior of my room. At the beginning of this year, I had this feeling again. In 2017/2018 my room had a quite minimalistic style and consisted mainly of the colors black and white. It just felt a bit cold and boring to me. I needed a bit of a cozier ambiance. I went from a minimalistic room to a very warm and luxurious one. I sold most of my old furniture/accessories and bought new items. I was inspired by the Dutch museum the ‘Rijksmuseum’ and I noticed that I was falling more and more in love with velvet and gold. I combined all of these to create a totally new (bed)room!

If I had to describe my room in five words, I would say: dark, velvet, art-inspired, gold and luxurious.

My friends all told me that I should do an updated room tour, so here it is! I hope you like it!




Lots of love,



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