Spring lookbook 2018

Spring lookbook 2018

Hi beauties!

How are you guys doing? I’m so sorry for the break, I was really busy with school, but guess what? I’m back!

The times of snow and cold seem to be over for now, in Europe at least, which means it’s time for a new fashion season! I personally find it quite hard to stay fashionable during spring since the weather can vary quite a lot. That’s the reason why I’m writing this blog today; to hopefully give you some outfit inspiration for this colourful time of the year! I hope you enjoy!

By the way: you can click on the pictures to enlarge them/zoom in!

Outfit number 1:

Sunday night, we decided to get some ice-cream since to weather was amazing that day. It wasn’t that hot, but very sunny! That’s why I decided to wear this outfit. The outfit is inspired by the look Harry Styles wore during his concert in Amsterdam last month (custom Harris Reed). I thought it was a really cool and interesting outfit so I decided to recreate it. It was a very comfortable outfit as well!

Outfit number 2:

Then my school outfit. I wore this distressed denim jeans with a graphic shirt that says: ‘please donate free coffee here’. Which was a perfect Monday look! To make this look a little more elegant, I wore my black loafers with it.

Outfit number 3:

The day I wore this outfit, it was extremely hot in the Netherlands. I was chilling in my garden after I got back from school, so I switched to a comfortable but still cute outfit.
I tied my shirt so that the skirt was more visible and to create some contrast between the top and the bottom of my outfit. Since it was so hot I was just walking around barefoot 😉

Outfit number 4:

This day, my friends and I decided to do a small photo shoot together. That’s why I wanted to wear something that looked nice on camera but still kept me warm, since it was a very cold day again!

I wore this long sleeve crop top which you could tie in a bow at the front. I wore a black, double breasted blazer on top of it. To add some color to my outfit I wore these checked pants with a black/red/white stripe on the side of my leg.

These were my 4 looks that are perfect for the transition period between winter and summer. Thank you so much for reading this blog, it means a lot to me!

Have a fabulous day and don’t forget to smile 😉

Lots of love from me,


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