The September Issue

The September Issue


Welcome back to ‘Styles by Sophie’. In this blog I will give you an insight in my life during the past month; September (a.k.a. the fashion month). I did a lot of exciting stuff in September and can’t wait to share all of it with you. Since Vogue always dedicates an extra special magazine to this month, ‘The September Issue’, I thought I would copy the name and give my own twist to it ;). I hope you enjoy!


Okay, so this first activity officially didn’t take place in the month September, but I still wanted to include it in this blogpost since it was such an amazing experience and completely fits the theme of this blogpost. On Saturday the 24th of August, I went to see Ariana Grande perform in Amsterdam. The show was amazing! Ariana is literally so incredibly talented. I really admire her and everything she does and stand for. To me, she is just the perfect example of a girl boss and power woman!

Vogue Flower Market

Speaking about Vogue, the inspiration for this blogpost, I went to one of their events in Amsterdam on the first of September. The event I am talking about is the ‘Vogue Flower Market’. Last year, I attended this fashionable market as well and because I had such a good time back then, I decided to go again this year. The event took place in the breathtakingly beautiful gardens of the Dutch ‘Rijksmuseum’. You had the chance to shop at one of the many great fashion/accessory booths while taking some pictures in the most picturesque environment you can imagine. I enjoyed a peach mocktail and sat in the sun absorbing all the fashion that was all around me. Such a great way to kick off this exciting month!

Amsterdam Fashion Week

A week later, I took the train to Amsterdam for the third week in a row. This time I would be attending another fashion related event: Amsterdam Fashion Week! I visited the past 2 editions of the Dutch Fashion Week, which I both really enjoyed because of which I was super excited to be visiting this fall again! I saw the ‘Duran Lantink’ show and the ‘Natan’ show. The first show presented a collection made out of outlet items. To me, the show was quite political/deep in the sense that it kind of confronted the consumer and his/her behavior; it was about more than just a collection of clothes. Topics like fast-fashion and beauty standards were covered. The show was very original and creative, but not really my style. The ‘Natan’ show, on the contrary, was exactly my cup of tea! Such an amazing, timeless and elegant collection. It was extremely inspiring to see these shows in a beautiful location in the heart of Amsterdam.

Friends time!

The past month, I also made sure I planned in a lot of quality time with my friends: my favorite thing ever! I caught up with them while enjoying a delicious high-tea at one of Nijmegen’s most trendy food hotspots (I am thinking about sharing my hotspots in the city of Nijmegen, would you be interested in reading that?). I chatted with some other friends and family members over lunch and was so happy to see and speak all of them again! Sometimes school, work, etc. can be so time-consuming that it is hard to find time to be together, though it is so important!


I also visited a fashion event in the South of the Netherlands at the store ‘Jansen-Noy’. I had a look at the new collection, tried on some outfits and took several coffee and chocolate breaks (oops!). It is so nice to see the trends, coming from the catwalk, being translated into wearable, everyday items. This store is absolutely huge and offers such a wide range of great brands (think: Loavies, Catwalk Junkie, Scotch & Soda and so many more!) and items: I definitely recommend you to go here if you are in the area.

Party time!

To end my month on a high note, I went out with a friend of mine. The music wasn’t that fun, but we still had a great time together. Sometimes the right company is all you need to have a good night : ) .

How was your September? Are you ready for fall yet?

Well, get excited because a fall fashion blogpost is coming your way at the end of this week!

Lots of love,


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