YouTubers I love to watch

YouTubers I love to watch


I have recently shared lists of Instagrammers that I love to follow and movies that I think you should watch. I just noticed that I have left out a platform that I personally adore: YouTube. It can be a little bit hard to find good videos that really suit you, so I thought it might be a nice idea to give you some suggestions! Here are the channels I click on when I want to see some cool, inspiring and entertaining content!

Ashley Graham

Ashley is one of the most real celebrities out there, in my opinion. She is just so honest and herself in all of her videos, which is something I really adore. She has a very impressing series on her channel called ‘Pretty Big Deal’. In this series, she talks to female friends of her that are all really admiring and therefore a pretty big deal. The 40-minute long videos cover various topics from their career, to fashion, to love: everything is discussed in a very comfortable way. It is almost like I am just sitting in the same room having an intellectual talk with my friends. The answers these famous and successful people give are so inspiring!

Karlie Kloss (Klossy)

Karlie Kloss is a super model while at the same time an ultimate girl boss. I already talked about her in a blogpost about the people that inspire me the most (read it here), read this blogpost to get to know more about the wonderful things she does. Her videos are also extremely diverse. One moment she shares her (very helpful) work-out tips. The next one she shows her audience how to make toffee according to her beloved family recipe. Make up videos, fashion videos and videos in which she discusses her life (with the lows and highs) can all be found on her channel.

Romee Strijd

This Dutch model is so down to earth and this can be seen in her videos clearly. She regularly shows us what her life as a top model looks like and apart from that, she also makes videos with her hair and make-up artists to show how you can recreate her beautiful looks. Her (sometimes emotional) personal videos are refreshing to watch. The Q&As she does are really interesting and the travel vlogs make you wish you were there with her, experiencing all the adventures. Oh and Romee has a very very funny boyfriend who sometimes steals the show in her vlogs ;).

Negin Mirsalehi

Negin is one of the most well-known influencers worldwide and she is also Romee’s best friend, therefore you will see them together in their vlogs regularly. Apart from being an influencer, she also runs a very big haircare brand named ‘Gisou’. She creates pop-up shops all over the world to showcase her products. It is so cool to see how she leads such a huge and inspiring company while at the same time running from fashion week to fashion week. Her ‘teddy bear dog’ Mosy is also too cute, you should already watch her videos just to see this cute dog!

Yes Theory

This adventurous channel comes up with the most original video ideas. I especially love the ones in which they travel to countries with a special title, such as the ‘happiest’ or ‘least visited’. They always experience the most amazing things while abroad and produce the nicest videos through extremely high quality editing and videography equipment (get ready for some jaw-dropping drone shots)!

Kylie Jenner

I mean, it is Kylie; should I say any more 😉 ? I find it so interesting to take a look at the life of this young mom and billionaire. Everything is over the top and screams luxury. Her daughter Stormi is also too sweet. Her office tour is probably the most impressive video I have ever watched; unbelievable how big it is! The size of her cosmetic company is hard to grasp and makes her videos so admirable to see.

Gabriella Whited

This last YouTuber is probably the most creative of the ones mentioned above. She makes music videos, writes and records beautiful songs and also makes videos in which she just sits down and talks about her life or other personal topics. Her graphics are so cool and different to anything I have ever seen before. Lately, she has been sharing a lot of poetry as well; she is so talented and therefore a must watch!

I hope you liked reading this blogpost. What are the YouTubers you watch the most? Please let me know in the comment section underneath this post; I would love to discover some new ones!

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