Budapest travel diary 2018

Budapest travel diary 2018

I just came back from a city trip to Budapest, Hungary. In my first travel diary of the year (Austria travel diary 2018), I promised to upload a travel diary every single time I travel somewhere! So here we go! By the way, I also included some of my favourite hotspots in this blog! I hope you enjoy!


Of course, I did some research before my trip. I’m a blogger after all! A restaurant that many people wrote about and highly recommended was “Mazel Tov”. I decided to visit this place myself and see if that was really true. I can assure you that it is one of the coolest places I’ve ever been! The interior is trendy and urban, but warm and cosy at the same time. The food is ridiculously good and the prices are low! And the staff is nice which is an absolute must for me!

During the rest of this trip we explored every single centimetre of Budapest. To me the city is a mix between several other big capitals. The many bridges remind me of New York City, the architecture of Paris or Copenhagen and the small streets and fountains of Rome. It is definitely a very versatile and inspiring city!


Most of you have probably heard about “The London Eye”, right? I discovered that there is a “Budapest Eye” as well! This was such a cool experience! You can see the whole city from the above, which is fantastic! A must do when in Budapest!



Another hotspot in Budapest is Kiosk. It is on the pricy side compared to other Hungarian restaurants, but still quite cheap compared to restaurants in Western countries. A main dish is approximately €10. It is a very trendy and kind of industrial spot, with a beautiful view over the Danube, oh and the food is de-li-cious!



During our last night in Budapest we decided to do some restaurant hopping! We ate a slice of fresh homemade pizza at a cute spot (forgot to take pictures because I was so hungry… Sorry!), this was basically our appetiser! After that we came across this restaurant that was called “SOPHIE”, so I just had to go inside. It appeared to be a super nice restaurant with very very tasty food!

I had also heard a lot about a restaurant called “BÖRZE”, so we decided to go there for a drink and a small desert. I drank a hot chocolate with milk foam on top, so basically a cappuccino with chocolate milk instead of coffee! It was very good! We had a cheesecake with mango as well. This restaurant was amazing so we stayed a little longer and ordered a homemade green ice tea with lemon, a must try when you have the chance!


This is a super cute coffee, donut and bagel shop right next to the railway station! I had the best chai latte ever and a camembert bagel which was great! A perfect energy boost on a snowy Valentine’s Day!

Budapest is a city full of activities. We visited the Gellert Bath House, which is a spa with thermal baths (baths that are heated with the heat from the earth’s core!). It was so relaxing, fun and beautiful since you could find incredible pieces of mosaic art around you!

We also took the most beautiful tram line of Europe, which was indeed spectacular. We rode along the Danube and saw lots of amazing landmarks. Another advantage of this tram line is that it is super cheap!

We, of course, also took a look at the huge parliament. And oh my, it is so big and detailed! The pops of red were absolutely wonderful and the gardens around it as well!

Budapest is also a city of castles and churches, you have the Fisherman’s Bastion, Buda Castle, Matthias Church and many more.

I absolutely fell in love with Budapest and hope to come back soon!

Thank you so much for reading this blog. Have an awesome day!



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