Why I am a vegetarian

Why I am a vegetarian

Hi guys,

Today I am addressing a topic that always arises a lot of questions in my own daily life. I would like to elaborate on why I made the decision to become a vegetarian and how I feel about the controversy around it. I hope you find this blogpost interesting!

So, I have been a vegetarian for 3,5 years. I began to cut meat and fish from my eating pattern when I was twelve years old. At that time of my life, I was super interested in food and eating healthy to give my body everything it deserves. I read about the medicines that animals are fed to make them grow and to protect the meat (not the animal itself, the meat) from bacteria and pesticides. When you eat this meat, these artificial medicines are transferred to your body. It is not that good for you. I also felt really bad about eating things that used to be alive. I felt sorry for the animals and everything they had to go through before ending up on my plate. I knew that the amount of carbon dioxide that was released during this process in the meat industry together with the needed amounts of water didn’t benefit the climate and environment at all. On the contrary. The fish I used to eat as well had swum in polluted sees and consumed particles of plastic. The meat had been affected by this miserable quality of life. I just didn’t want to have anything to do with all of these things. What helped, is that I never extremely liked the taste of meat, therefore it wasn’t that hard to stop eating it.

When people find out I eat like this, they always ask ‘Why?’. If I am honest, I don’t always feel good about having to justify this decision. It isn’t weird, so many people eat vegetarian nowadays. When do I still have to explain myself? It is no uncommon phenomena. I actually feel like asking: ‘Why aren’t you a vegetarian?’ is a more relevant question in today’s society in which we have to cope with so many problems the meat industry is contributing to. I think people don’t always see the use of it. They don’t always believe (or want to believe) the benefits of this way of eating.

I don’t think that everybody should stop eating meat and fish. It is totally up to you. I do think that people should stop forming their opinions upon vegetarians based on old standards and ideas. Not all vegetarians are hippies or anything like that. It would be fantastic if people would at least eat less meat. Reducing your meat intake by 20% already has a huge impact on your carbon footprint.

You don’t have to be afraid about lacking vitamins when adjusting your diet like this. If you eat enough protein-rich ingredients (like nuts) and make sure you take in B12 supplements you are already well on your way.

I don’t think this lifestyle is that hard. There are so many vegetarian recipes out on the web and a lot of restaurants have multiple vegetarian options. If you keep in mind why you are doing this, no effort is too much.

I hope this article gave you some clarity upon the topic of eating vegetarian and my experience with it. Are you a vegetarian as well?

Lots of love,


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