18 things I learned before I turned 18

18 things I learned before I turned 18

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As you might know, I turned 18 on the 31st of July. An age that many consider to be a milestone; an age at which many things change. I am officially an adult now, and more so than every I am ready to do my own thing and realize my personal goals. This birthday personally also came with a lot of reflection; the realization that I was no longer a child was a little strange. In a sense, I had been waiting for this moment for a while, but now that it was finally here, it felt a bit unusual. I felt like I was about to take a dive in the deep. During that moment, I looked back on the 18 years of experience I have on this planet. I realized that I had already learned some important life lessons that I figured might be worthy of sharing. Here are the 18 things I have learned before I turned 18.


1. The things I worry about tremendously are never as important as they seem to be, therefore the excessive worrying is pointless and should be avoided.

2. Self-doubt and self-underestimation lead to a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy, it is crucial to stay on track and keep a healthy and positive mindset towards your own capabilities.

3. Meeting new people and spending time with others is something that adds a lot of value to your day and can really lift your mood, even when you don’t initially feel like it (when you surround yourself with the right people, of course).

4. I feel best when I start my days early. Even though I love the nights, I am a morning person at heart; scheduling my life to fit this really results in the most benefits.

5. Getting ready first thing in the morning betters each day, except for lazy ‘no make-up’ Sundays.

6. Taking time to cook good, healthy and fresh food pays off, the kick and enjoyment of unhealthy food never lasts.

7. Reading every day improves my sense of productivity and provides new insights, even if it is just one page a day; do it.

8. Being nervous or scared to take certain steps makes it even more worth it to take them. The growth pays off.

9. Taking the peace to think and reflect is something valuable that shouldn’t be underestimated.

10. Experiences > materialism; objects can never compare to memories for life.

11. Traveling is the greatest learning experience, especially when travelling alone.

12. Never force love, it will fail to be how you wish it would be if it doesn’t come naturally.

13. Avoiding negativity is the wisest thing to do, staying true to your own values and preventing yourself from being dragged into the funk of others is so important and something you should watch out for.

14. Endings are emotional and can be mentally draining, though the feeling will not last and new beginnings aren’t as frightening as they might seem.

15. Things can move quickly and attention is easily lost, being present is so important to prevent the feeling of life slipping through your fingers.

16. We are all just humans, being overwhelmed or intimidated by the way others behave or treat you, is not justified. Nobody should be treated by someone any less than the way the person would treat themselves.

17. Taking good care of your body and hygiene (also on days during which everything seems to cost too much effort) will lift your mood and have a very positive effect on your day.

18. There is beauty in uncertainty, it creates a realm of options that would be excluded if you pressured yourself into making hasty decisions.


These were 18 of the main points I have learned in my life, so far. What are some of the most important lessons you have learned? I’m curious to know!


Until the next one :).



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