7 daily sources of inspiration

7 daily sources of inspiration

Good morning and welcome back to another blogpost on Styles by Sophie!

In my recent blogpost about creativity and living purposefully, I also touched upon the topic of inspiration. Feeling inspired and gaining inspiration on a daily basis, is crucial ‘food for the mind’ if you ask me. There are several things that leave me feeling inspired each and every day; for this blogpost I selected seven of these things to share with you. Since seven is universally seen as a number that brings luck, I hope that this list also inspires you and brings some luck in that way!


  1. Podcasts: whenever I am doing something in/around the house, go for a walk or do my make up, I like to listen to a podcast on Spotify. This act of multitasking is a win-win situation, since I get the task done that needs to be done and I often learn something new that inspires me. I listen to various podcasts; from informative ones about psychological processes (TIP: podcast ‘The Happiness Lab’) to chit-chat hours in which several different and very interesting individuals share their views, values and beliefs in connection to recent news (TIP: podcast ‘Still Processing’).
  2. Books and online articles: reading start new thinking processes and offers me a different point of view on life/certain topics. Many people agree that reading a book with fictional elements can transport you to a different world; something really interesting when you look at what effects that can have on your inspiration and the amount of new ideas flowing in. Blogs and other online articles also bring me new insights; I find it fascinating to read about what keeps other people busy and thinking. Translating this to my own life and applying these views as a starting point for a new intrinsic discussion is a great exercise to obtain inspiration as well.
  3. Other people that have everything together: the thing that probably inspires me most, is seeing other people living their best life. People that are productive, hard-working and socially active have my admiration. I strive to be like such people and therefore they motivate me immensly. People that wake up early to run in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam at 7 AM before work, people that study at university and have their own business/work besides that, people that have an amazing sense of style and live a very creative life; these are all examples of people that I know/see and inspire me, because I ideally strive to have a combination of their character traits.
  4. A new city: moving to a new city is a big change, that strangely enough asks for even more change. When your life is completely turned upside down, it is a perfect moment to start new habits in order to better yourself and become the best version of yourself. A new city brings a new balance, new challenges and an option for a fresh star. Now is the time to present myself as the person I am becoming, as the person I want to be. There is something incredibly inspirational about that.
  5. Fellow students with different passions and talents: furthermore, interacting with people that have significantly different interests and passions is something I find very interesting. I wish to surround myself with people that all have the same basic core values, but that are all so different from each other. This creates a very special dynamic and a safe environment in which you can learn from each other’s passions, cultures and interests.
  6. Traveling: as you may know, traveling is one of my all-time biggest passions. Different environments inspire me on an entirely new level. Be it the serenity of the nature in Austria, the hustle of New York City or the relaxed vibe of Cape Town; each place sends out its own atmosphere and ambiance during my trips. Being removed from home and motivated to think outside the box by letting the location do the work for me, always results in a creative output I am proud of (frequently in the form of photography projects).
  7. My own progress: last but not least, comparing my current situation and view upon myself to what I used to be and live like a few years ago, also stimulates me. Growth is a process that evokes/is a result of inspiration, in my case. Building towards the life you have always desired and seeing that the steps you are taking leave their marks, is something that inspires me every single day.


That was it for today’s blog about my daily inspirations. I hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost and maybe even feel a bit inspired yourself. What are some of the main things that offer you inspiration in your day-to-day life? I’d love to know!




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