A day in Winter Wonderland

A day in Winter Wonderland

Hey everyone!

Last Thursday, I had a day off from school and decided to cross the border and spend a day at Phantasialand; one of Germany’s best adventure parks that has transformed into a winter paradise for the months December and January. In this photo diary, I will take you along with me during this magical day. I rode roller coasters, drank hot chocolate, went to the theater and watched the fireworks during the finale ice-skate show. Scroll down to see what my day looked like!


Lots of love,


The oh so colorful “China”.

The freezing cold, but beautiful water experience in “Mexico”.

Cute restaurants in “Berlin”.

The gorgeous theater in the city of “Berlin”.

Vintage architectural details on the border of “Berlin” next to the immense carousel.

Making memories with my (not so little anymore) brother.

Blurry carousel rides.

Appreciating the beauty around me while waiting for the ice show to start.

Ending the day with a sparkly surprise. 

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