A photo diary: some of my favorite moments lately

A photo diary: some of my favorite moments lately

Hi everyone and welcome back to Styles by Sophie!

For the past two weeks, I have told you all about the memories I made on my little trip to Belgium. In this blogpost, I will keep the theme of memories going, however this time I will share some of my favorite memories that I have made in Amsterdam lately! I am so happy and grateful I get to call this city my home (for over half a year already!) and with the relaxation of the COVID measures, I can’t wait to explore it even more! Keep on reading to find out what moments I experienced lately and will cherish for a long time. You might even find some good hot-spots while you are reading this post! 🙂

Watching the sunset at the W Amsterdam Lounge

On a random Tuesday night, a friend of mine texted me. She predicted that there would be a very beautiful sunset that night, so she invited me to meet her at the rooftop lounge of the W Amsterdam Hotel. What can I say, she definitely made the right predictions. It was a magical evening to see the sky in so many beautiful colors behind Amsterdam’s skyline.

Having dinner with my dear friends at Bam Boa

One of my best friends had to leave Amsterdam last week, to continue her studies abroad, which was a very sad event. Luckily we got to have a really nice dinner before her plane took off. We had a shared dining dinner at restaurant Bam Boa in the eastern part of the city. The food and wines were amazing and the company was even better; all you really need for a perfect night in the city.


Enjoying the nice weather on the Museum Square

This month is my last month working at a museum on the Museum Square. I really enjoyed/am enjoying my last few days there. Catching the first rays of sunshine each morning with such a magnificent view, really is a nice way to start the day! Something I will miss :).

Celebrating our anniversary with champagne in bed

Me and my boyfriend were together for 8 months a few weeks ago. We try to do something nice together every monthly anniversary. Even if it is just having a piece of cheesecake together, watching the city lights at night, having a romantic date at a cafe, or sharing a small bottle of champagne in bed! We notice that we are often so busy, that it really is important to take the time to just be together and enjoy these things.

Having brunch at George Williams Park Avenue

This was such a fun day. The night before, my friends and I went to a house party all together. We got dressed the next day and stepped into the sunshine. Next, we biked to the famous George cafe on Williams Park Avenue (George knows how to brand for sure; making the boring Willemsparkweg sound so fancy and New York like!). We enjoyed a ‘typical’ Amsterdam brunch there: oat milk cappuccino with avocado toast. It was absolutely delicious!

Enjoying the view from the ferry

Whenever I have to work in the northern part of Amsterdam, on the other side of the IJ canal, I take the ferry. It is always such a lovely experience to look at the view on both sides. On one side you can admire Amsterdam’s church towers and the impressively large Central Station. And on the Northern side you can view the tall buildings with special architectural designs. I always feel so urban when I take the tram, subway and ferry to the other side of town. Something so different compared to how I used to get around in the town I come from. I love it :).

Spending a day in the city with friends from out of town

Last weekend, my friends from high school spontaneously came over and spent the day in the city. It was so nice to catch up with them and show them around. We walked through the entire city centre for a long time and finally rewarded ourselves with a hot chocolate on Leidse Square. What a treat that was.

Visiting Hortus Botanicus on a rainy day

Remember the George brunch I told you about? After that, I actually decided to visit the Hortus Botanicus with my friend. This huge botanical garden in the eastern part of town is definitely a must see. All of the greenery and plants are so impressive. There was also a butterfly garden in which you could watch the bright orange butterflies flying around. I would definitely reccomend going here on a cold or rainy day, since it is nice and warm inside all of the rooms; it serves as a great break from all the walking around!

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