A poem about my (school)life in 2020

A poem about my (school)life in 2020

Packing my bag,

Long time no see,

Hidden away,

In a dark corner.

Associated with stress.

Associated with negativity.

Associated with expectations.

Somehow these feelings occur,

However they do not bother me.

I have had plenty of time.

Plenty of time to rest.

Time to think and reflect.

Now that it is time to start again,

A change has taken place.

A swift change of thought,

Leading to big consequences.

Isn’t it true that my life could be better?

If I wouldn’t accentuate negativity?

If I wouldn’t exaggerate school?

I could just live day by day,

Enjoying all moments; good and bad.

Only spending energy on things I love,

While manipulating my own mind,

Into believing that ‘stupid’ tasks,

Aren’t that stupid after all.

It is all about what I make of it.

It is all about how I value it.

And I choose for it to be valuable.

I will let positivity in, all the time.

I will let it flow through the cracks,

The cracks of fear and disliking.

Filling these cracks definitely,

Will implement the good,

And will implant the positive,

Surely making this year one to remember.

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