Announcement: by Sophie de Vocht

Announcement: by Sophie de Vocht

Hi and welcome to a, in my opinion, very exciting blogpost!

Okay, let’s get right into the announcement since I can’t wait to tell you: I have just launched a new Instagram page, completely devoted to the beautiful sights I explored while I was traveling across the globe!

The Instagram page is called ‘By Sophie de Vocht’ (@bysophiedevocht). I liked the idea of kind of linking it to my blog, so I added ‘by Sophie’ to it as well ;).

I got this idea Friday night; I had just finished studying and all of a sudden, this idea popped up into my mind. I love photography wholeheartedly and most of the matter in my camera album therefore either ends up on my main Instagram account (@sophiedevocht) or I use it in my blogs, but not all of the pictures that I would want to share, end up being published. I usually feel like a mixture of (more artistic) travel photography and photos that evolve around my life (in general) doesn’t work that well for me. I therefore decided to fully separate the two, and only share photos of me living my life on @sophiedevocht, keeping all of the other artsy ones on @bysophiedevocht, for the people who are also interested in content like that! Here, on, you will most likely find content that is kind of in the middle of the two categories.

As you might know by now, I adore creating new and (hopefully) refreshingly interesting content. Therefore I couldn’t wait to spread my work in a very different way. I love to express the creativity I get and see while I travel, through my photography work. Since a lot of you complimented me about the black and white photos I have previously shared on this platform, I decided to make a feed solely made up of these types of photos. I am really happy with how the Instagram page looks.

I would love to hear what you think of this spontaneous idea that I quickly made reality. I hope to see you on By Sophie de Vocht!

Have a great day!

Lots of love,



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