I have been quiet for a while and I am done with it. I have not been quiet because I am neutral towards the Black Lives Matter movement. I have not been quiet because this topic doesn’t touch me. I have not been quiet because I am too afraid to speak up. I have been quiet because I needed to get my thoughts in line to put some, hopefully, wise and meaningful words into the world.

I have seen many black squares on Instagram feeds, I have seen countless of fists in all colors, I have seen people that are brave enough to protest and demonstrate for equality. I deeply appreciate and value all of these actions. I personally have not spoken up to this point, because I did not want any attention to be drawn towards me. I am just another white girl that wants to confirm that she supports the movement so that others know she does. No. That is not my intention at all. I decided to contribute in my own way and sign petitions together with supporting others online. It is important to contribute and support a revolution as compelling as this one, it is not important that others know you do so. I do not do this for myself, I do this because change is needed. It is needed right now. I have come to the conclusion that I will upload this post, that initially served as an escape from my thoughts, popping up around 1 AM at night. Socially constructed images haunting me and bringing tears to my eyes causing me to only see blurs when looking at society. How has it come this far, or rather, how did we think of starting this and why haven’t we been able to end it?! Sharing my view on the situation might affect others positively and therefore adding to the movement. With that purpose in mind, I use my voice.

We are all living in the year 2020. We have robots, trains that go up to 200 miles an hour, connections all over the world, a digital PA called Alexa that organizes our entire life, extremely smart scientists, but the key component, and essentially solution to one of the most important problems through the entire history of communities, has not come to the surface yet. Most people have been able to open their eyes and are doing everything in their ability to wake the others up. Though those in power seem to be stuck in a dream, or rather a nightmare, filled with white supremacy and stereotypical scenarios and characters. History keeps on repeating itself, attention is raised by shocking people; we have fought hard before, but we really need to give it our all this time and end racism for good.


Black people from all over the world are experiencing matters in ways white people will never understand. Even if we try to, even if we say that we do, we do not. Simply because we have never been through it ourselves. We can only compose an image in our heads of what it ‘must have been like’, but the harsh reality is that we are never hit nearly as hard as people of color. This is devastating to me. White people are privileged in many ways; things that we see as ordinary, or normal should not be taken for granted the slightest bit. We should realize that we are lucky to receive these opportunities and we are the ones that need to make a change so that these chances are accessible for people of all races. Just as it should be. No race is superior; in my eyes we should all just be treated equally, but the truth is that preconceptions cause us to be put in boxes. Boxes that either benefit us or cause a huge disadvantage being the red line throughout your life. Stereotypes result in one person being highly favored over the other. To me, this is all a no brainer. Why do we even have to think in color? Though ignoring color, is ignoring the problem, which is the last thing I want. Seeing the problem and taking action immediately should be our main priority so that this will no longer be a problem that our children have to face. We all want a safe environment for ourselves and the generations following; the people and masterminds of the future deserve to live a life without worrying if people kill you just because of the color of your skin.

It is truly crucial to educate yourself on this topic and the destructive behavior that is sadly attached to racism. Over the course of the coming weeks I will be doing this myself too. I will share my experiences and recommend movies, articles and books that are worth taking a look at. My first recommendation would be to watch the documentary ‘13th’ on Netflix, about the 13th amendment in the American law guaranteeing the right to freedom; a law that is not realized fairly in reality.

Thank you for reading this blogpost and listening to my story.

I hope I inspired you and made you think about the world we live in.

Keep on sharing the love and raising your voice.

Lots of love,


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