Collaboration vs. competition

Collaboration vs. competition

Hey everybody!

There is a shift taking place in the working industry. Something that I value as extremely important. Since I am sixteen, I obviously don’t really have any super important or valuable work experience yet. Though I have noticed that quite a lot changed recently; something I consider to be very interesting. I especially saw this development when people started talking more and more about it on the internet, so I wanted to join these people and give my opinion in this blogpost.

In the past, most people were focusing upon achieving incredibly high standards. That is not something that I see as a bad thing. The real problem was that a lot of people wanted to be the ONLY one to do this and to get credits for this. The competition was on, a lot of the times. Work started to look like a battlefield more and more. It was almost like you had to ‘get rid’ of the obstacles along the way towards your dream-career/ultimate goal (in life). Obstacles could for example be people in the same career field as you are or your colleagues.

Nowadays, work is way more inclusive and focused on working together. Even in school; skills like working in groups are practiced all the time and are also seen as very crucial. It is seen as normal to ask a colleague for help during your office hours. It is normal to ask someone favors. This doesn’t feel like failure and people actually will want to help you out since they realize that their own success isn’t solely dependent on beating others in doing what you do for a living.

To me, social media has also had a lot to do with this. In today’s life, focused upon the online world, you have the possibility to help others with your following. You can help friends out by promoting them on your account. You are not the only one responsible for your success. And that’s a good thing. You can simply achieve more by learning from others and letting them do what they do best. That’s when you develop as a person as well. Plus, doesn’t it feel great to help others and see them grow? In the past, I think like a lot of people felt that they had to do it alone. They had to reach their goals all by themselves. I feel like the working industry has become more relaxed and less ego centered: I see this as a beautiful thing. We are all in this world together, why is it important to be the best? Isn’t working together and creating beautiful things as a team/for others magical and beneficial as well?

Don’t see others as competition, nor as enemies. Rather see them as people you could help and learn from. As a result they will probably do the same for you in return, which will make you grow.

What can I say, I am a huge opponent of collaboration over competition. One hundred percent. What do you think of this change that has taken place?

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