Decluttering; my thoughts and tips

Decluttering; my thoughts and tips

Everyone talks about organizing nowadays. This topic is frequently part of magazines and websites, even entire Netflix documentaries and series have been made around the subject of decluttering! This sudden (re)appearance of tiding and sorting out seems to be picked up very well by society. In this blogpost, I would like to share my view on decluttering and I will also share some tips that I regularly use and actually find effective and helpful. Are you ready? Let’s get right into it!

I am a very organized person myself and I really feel like I function best when my surroundings are organized as well. I basically think organization is great in each aspect of my life. I actually also enjoy the process of getting everything to an organized state. It is nice to know exactly what lies where and to create a neat appearance. After a day (or a couple of hours) of cleaning and tidying, I feel so content about my life; it is so crazy that a small action (well, it depends if it is small…) like this one, can have quite a big influence of your mood and mindset. I always feel put together and in control of my life when everything is clean, tidy and well-stored. This feeling in a sense can even feel a little bit addictive, I thus get why people are so obsessed with tidying and see it as a ‘hype’ (though hypes usually last for a short term, I think this one might be a keeper)!

You can conclude that I am a huge fan, but how do you actually start organizing and tiding when there is so much to do? I definitely understand it can be quite overwhelming; you want to feel put together and organized but it is not that easy to realize this goal fast and effectively. I would suggest you start with a certain element. This might be one room (when you are talking in terms of houses) or a single cupboard (when you just want to organize one room). Just focus on this element and please don’t go into your tiding-session thinking that you can cover the entire house in a day because if you want to do this properly and actually benefit from it, this will most likely not be realistic (which might then lead to disappointment). Go for one or two elements a day (depending on their size and how time-consuming they are).

If you, for example, set a goal for yourself that you want to organize all of your clothes today. Then please make sure that you really get ALL of your clothes together in the same room. I know that people sometimes have their clothes (or jackets for instance) stored in several cupboards or rooms, it is then easy to lose track of what you actually own else. By having it all together, you can simply handle it all and don’t have to worry about missing certain rooms/cupboards that might also belong to this section (clothing).

For my next tip I am going to steal a little phrase from the organizer guru, Marie Kondo. She always tells people to ask themselves if the item that they are currently holding in their hands ‘sparks joy’. More often than not, the answer to this question is a simple ‘no’. When you put it like this, it often isn’t hard to admit that an item doesn’t contribute to your happiness (anymore). If the answer is no, then make some space on your bed or the floor and make three piles. The first pile is for clothes (or other items, it is often just handy to start with your clothes) that you would like to sell; maybe they still look amazing or might have been more expensive and you want something in return for it. It is also a great idea to toss this pile of clothes around to your family members and friends, maybe they see a nice item that they would like to buy from you! The second pile is for all of your products that you would like to donate. And guess what; the last pile is for the stuff that you really have to get rid of. If you are in doubt, you can even make a ‘maybe’ pile. The items that you definitely want to throw away can be put into a garbage bag. The ones that you would like to sell or donate can be put in separable boxes, so that you don’t confuse what belongs where. In this way, the organizing process is very clear and effective, I really recommend this method; I always use it myself and find it a very easy way to declutter. At the end of your session, once you have been through your entire place, you are left with cupboards and rooms that are only filled with items that spark joy. Doesn’t that sound like an amazing living-environment?

That was it for today. I hope you liked to read this blog! I recently decluttered my clothes as well, and feel so on track right now! I am ready to add some amazing and sustainable new pieces to my wardrobe. How do you feel about this topic? Let me know in the comments.

Lots of love,


By the way; thank you to my mum who taught me most of these things ;).

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