I have some news to share…

I have some news to share…

As you may know, writing has always been a big component of my life (just like I shared in my previous post); I started this blog in 2017 (when I was about to turn 14) as a means to pursue this passion. Since then, I have been writing on and off: here on Styles by Sophie, for other (travel) companies, for school, but also to fuel and develop my own creative projects.

One of these creative projects is about to be finished very soon… After a lot of hard work, I am very excited to share that I will be releasing a poetry collection this May!

The word is finally out! My close friends and some family members have known about this for a little bit, so of course I couldn’t let you wait :).

Last summer, I started to write poems as a way to express my emotions. I created a folder on the ‘Notes’ app on my phone and simply started writing whenever I could feel a flood of words coming up. A few months later, after writing poems every single day, I had accumulated a couple of hundred. I started selecting and altering my work, coming straight from the heart. The more I read what I had written, the more I started to think about possibly sharing my work with others (just like I had done with my previous writing on blogs and websites). Over the summer, the dream of publishing a poetry bundle started to shape. I was inspired by authors like Rupi Kaur and Haenim Sunim and dreamt of having my words in the hands of others, to hopefully inspire and enlighten.

I eventually decided to produce a manuscript consisting of the 130+ poems I was the proudest of. I bundled them into a document together with over 100 exercises and questions to guide the reader along the hopefully inspiring and elucidating journey whilst reading my poems. Last March I signed a contract with publisher Boekscout and I couldn’t be happier!

I am currently in the last stages of the publishing process, though I figured it would be time to let you know about this project.

“Rays to distance the dark”, a poetry collection that holds the heart and mind of a young woman, will be available online (internationally) and in all  Dutch bookstores from the 14th of May onwards.

I can only hope that you are just as excited as I am.

Keep an eye out on Styles by Sophie and my Instagram (@sophiedevocht) for more updates the coming weeks.

Thank you for reading this blog and supporting me along this journey, I can’t wait to share this dream of mine with you!

Lots of love,


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