My day at the MOCO Museum

My day at the MOCO Museum

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well and staying healthy and safe this summer.

It has been some time since I uploaded my last post because, just as I mentioned in that post, I felt like the attention should be on other things than a few blogs I write (something that is totally not crucial during critique times like these). However, I always hope that my blogs add some extra joy for the person who might read them, therefore I have decided to start uploading again; slowly but surely. I would like to share what I did and/or experienced this summer to hopefully inspire and inform you.

A few weeks ago, I went to Amsterdam with two of my friends. We walked around the city, did some shopping and eventually went to the MOCO Museum; one of Amsterdam’s most trendy museums full of modern and contemporary art. If you know me, you know I am obsessed with these types of art and like to visit museums. A year ago, I visited The Broad in Los Angeles, which sparked my love for art even more! Read my blog about it here. All three of us had been longing to visit this museum for quite some time now, so we were incredibly excited to finally be there!


The current exhibition mainly focused on Banksy; the mysterious graffiti artist that has been making art work in which he expresses his opinion about topics/conflicts that are of current relevance in society. His creativity and use of metaphors surprises me every single time. It was amazing to admire his work in real life, instead of seeing photos of his art on the internet.

Especially ‘Home Sweet Home’, one of Banksy’s works in which he used an old painting and messily painted ‘HOME SWEET HOME’ in white paint on top of it was so cool and different compared to his other work, if you ask me. Most of the time banksy gives quite some hints about the topic the art work features. This work, has to be interpreted in so many different ways, since ‘home’ is probably the subject that is extremely heartfelt for most people. The design of the painting also reminded me a bit of Gucci’s previous collection which also included clothes with texts painted on them in a bold and rather messy handwriting. Though I have to say it is extremely hard to select favorites in a museum full of art made by artists whom I absolutely admire.

As you might now, I am also a huge fan of the work of artists Yayoi Kusama and Jeff Koons. Luckily for me, works of both artists were displayed in the museum. There was this really cool dark room, with red and neon lines, dots and lights in there creating an optical illusion that was fantastic to experience (even though it was a bit trippy 🙂 ).

In the basement of the museum, you can find a gift shop with the cutest and most artsy merch and souvenirs from the museum. There are also three ‘Instagram rooms’ as I like to call them. These rooms have been the background of thousands of Instagram pictures, and once you are there in real life, you will 100% get why! One of the rooms is full of colored diamonds and mirrors, creating a dreamy effect. The other room plays with reflections, neon and chrome colors resulting in a look that almost looks ‘alien-like’ to me. The third room is ‘Kusama style’ with red light balls and a dark environment.

The neon signs on the other floors with poetic phrases also really drew my attention. How cool would it be to have such a sign in your home?!

As I left the museum through the green garden (with even more art!), I felt so inspired by everything I had just seen and experienced. I hope I was able to share some of the magical art in the museum with you, through this blog.

See you soon and hang in there 🙂 .

Lots of love,


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