My Fall Break (part 2)

My Fall Break (part 2)

Happy Monday you guys!

How are you? I hope you had an amazing weekend and have an even better week.

Today, I will be telling you all about the second half of my week of fall break. In my blogpost that went online last Wednesday, I wrote about what I did from Friday to Tuesday. In this post I will be talking about the activities I did from Wednesday onwards. I hope you like this series of ‘a week in my life’ blogs. Let me know what you think!

Day 6 – Wednesday

Rise and shine! I had to wake up a little early (according to holiday standards), to get into the car and drive to the airport. Today, we were about to fly to Innsbruck, Austria! As some of you might know, my dad develops hotels in Austria, this time I was about to take a look at one of his projects and attend the official opening of it; exciting! Once we arrived in the hotel, it was time to relax for a bit after a whole day of traveling. I swam in the swimming pool and enjoyed a delicious dinner. Before I knew it, the day was already over.

Day 7 – Thursday

During my first full day in Austria, we decided to head towards the mountains. The nature in Tyrol is so incredibly beautiful and the fresh air in the mountain area is amazing! I walked a total of 14 km during this day. I first took a cable car up the mountain and from that point onwards I started my hike towards the ‘Seben See’ a very gorgeous lake in a blue/greenish color surrounded by mountains, which are also reflected in the surface of the water as soon as the wind lay down. It took me about 1,5 hour to get to this breathtakingly stunning sight, but it was so so worth it! I always love to visit lakes in the mountains and thus was very excited to discover this one. I can tell you that it totally exceeded all of my expectations! After resuming the hike back (and getting a little lost, oops!) I had a great Austrian lunch before taking the cable car back down into the valley. I then went back to the hotel. My feet and legs were pretty tired from all of the wandering around and I therefore decided to head to the wellness inside of the hotel. I relaxed and recharged after which I changed my outfit and ate in the restaurant; what an amazing day!

Day 8 – Friday

Since the hiking was so great yesterday, I wanted to do something active today as well. I had heard about a very nice canyon in the area and my curiosity was triggered immediately. We decided to check it out. We drove to Garmisch (a town in the South of Germany, only half an hour from our hotel in Austria by car) and walked for about half an hour to the start of the walking trail. The so called ‘Partnach Klamm’ consisted of a super clear, ice-blue colored river that carved out enormous grey rocks/the mountain wall. You had the chance to walk through it and see the current of the water craping along the walls of rock. It was so pretty and interesting to see! After this trail we also discovered another hiking option which consisted of climbing up the mountain that led to a super cool and quite high wooden bridge. I think we walked a total of 8,5 km during this trip. It was such a cool place which reminded me a little bit of the Antelope Canyon I visited in Arizona (USA) last summer. I couldn’t resist to use the wellness facilities again before dinner: such a relaxing ‘feel-good’ day!

Day 9 – Saturday

Today was the day of the official opening of the hotel! In the morning, I walked into the town of Ehrwald and worked on my blog afterwards. I wrote three blogposts, which was great! I am so excited about the fact that I upload so regularly right now. I really hope my readers (yes; you!) enjoy the three blogposts I upload every single week ;). I sat in the restaurant, enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and started typing. Sometimes I am not too sure what I want to write about that day, but as soon as I open up my laptop, for some reason the ideas start to flow. I love that! I then did some food shopping and made a lunch which I enjoyed with my parents and some of my dad’s business partners. The rest of the afternoon I did some more relaxing; I was trying to get all the rest I possibly could so that I would be completely fit when starting school on Monday again. At night it was time for the opening, something I had really been looking forward to. It is amazing to see the end result of something my father and his team have worked so hard on. It was a night to never forget!

Day 10 – Sunday

Okay, let’s be honest; this day isn’t the nicest one. The fact that you know that school starts again the next day for some reason kind of spoils the entire day. Sunday morning we flew back to Holland. I got back home around 2 PM and just chilled. I watched some TV and had some quality time with my family.

I had such a fantastic fall break. I did a lot of fun things and made amazing memories. Only a couple of more months till Christmas break. Let’s go!

Have a great day and see you soon!

Lots of love,



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