My favorites – Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

My favorites – Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

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As you might know, I am a huge fan of art; modern, contemporary, renaissance; you name it! Since I have moved to Amsterdam, I made myself the promise that I would regularly indulge myself in all the art the city has to offer. That means, that I will try to keep up with new exhibitions and art galleries. In the last two weeks, I have visited the Stedelijk Museum twice (a museum where you can discover modern and contemporary visuals art and design), and captured my favorite parts of their museum collection and exhibition. I always think the kind of art a person selects to be his/her favorite tells a lot about the person, therefore I figured it would be interesting to share the pieces that evoked the most reaction in me, be that a positive or negative one; it shows that the artist really did his job well in my opinion. Here we go!

For more information on the art works, the exhibitions or museum, visit the website of the Stedelijk Museum.


What I especially like about the first art work, that can be seen at the top of this post, is the combination and contrast of the cool and warm tones used. Furthermore I find the patterns and shapes in the painting really interesting since some features remind me a bit of Picasso’s work.


This next art work was the first one I saw when I entered the museum. The pop of color that the lines bring in contrast to the rather bleak background provides a fascinating experience. The shimmering, pearl-like accents also provide an extra dimension to the Jackson Pollock-ish work, providing a great start of my Stedelijk visit.


The following painting is very minimalistic; solely containing a dark blue ‘band’ on a light pink surface. The ‘band’ represents a flowing river. I personally think that it is a craft to be able to make rather simple art that still pulls the audience in. This work is interesting because of the different colors, asymmetrically painted river and the idea behind it; does the river continue to flow off canvas?


This specific art work really touched me; the emotions visible on all of the faces is so beautifully expressed. When you look closely, you can see that the entire painting consists of faces. They are combined and united in different colors and perspectives to create a whole that makes the audience reflect upon the depicted situation on a deep level.


The Stedelijk Museum also incorporated poster art into their current collection. The messages and visuals on the posters aren’t ones to be thought about lightly. Most of them raise philosophical questions about what is valuable in live, with the most simple one ‘YOU CAN’T BUY A LIVED EXPERIENCE’ almost screaming for your attention. This piece is a great way to make the art lovers think about fundamental principles and problems (such as materialism) that affect both art and life, whilst gaining so many new impressions in the museum.


The last and next two works are both neon art, presenting an interesting play with words. The modern and urban aspects of the nature of neon lights in combination with words that should be at the center of today’s society in which many problems are ought to be solved, creates a moment of realization. In some way, the bright flickering lights can also be perceived to be invasive, evoking new thoughts, convictions and patterns. Exactly what a good exhibition should invite.

These were all of the items I selected. I hope you liked reading about my favorites and why they appeal to me. Which of the works presented in this post is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section underneath this post.

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