My ideal society

My ideal society


For a school assignment, I had to write about my ideal society and what it would look like/be focussed upon. I thought this was a very original idea about an intresting topic and therefore I would like to also share my answer with you in this blogpost. Here it is, I hope you enjoy!


When I think about an ideal society in my view, the first thing that comes to mind is total acceptance as a key value; a society in which everybody feels free and truly feels at home. Comfort is a building block for other fantastic things. Once you feel good in the society you are part of, your thoughts and creative processes aren’t limited to views of others (or yourself). Due to this amazing feeling of being at ease, you are less scared to share your views and opinion with others. I think a society in which we talk more (through interesting and intellectual discussions) and dare to be more open and vulnerable would also be wonderful. Nowadays, anxiety is a very relatable problem for most people, by implementing the points I mentioned above, this would hopefully decrease. In my dreams, a fearless society would be the most ideal; a combination of very different fearless people, all with their own views on specific topic that are crucial in society, that feel like they can do exactly what they desire to do and are good at. Of course, this should all happen in a positive way. Treating people with kindness is all we have to do to get a little bit closer to this goal. If we respect everybody and share our love, a safe space is created rather easily.

It is proven that working makes people feel content. According to my ideal society, work should therefore not be a element that can be crossed off and forgotten about; work is important to create new beneficial elements that can be added to society (to for example reduce climate change and live in a more sustainable way). I do think that the pressure, which is often associated with this part of life, should be reduced tremendously. Work shouldn’t solely consist of stress, pressure and long/tiring days. Our mindset should make a 180 degree change while the standards closely related to our jobs should be lowered at the same time. I think people also have to receive more freedom and for instance work from home if that makes them feel more comfortable. People should be able to just take a day off when it is getting a bit too much (but of course it would be best if this would be prevented in the first place), without getting in trouble for it.

Apart from the aspects of society I mentioned above, freedom is also something that I wish (especially) children and students had more of. In countries such as Finland, children (until the age of eighteen) go to school until the early afternoon and only have a couple of tests a month, together with small amounts of homework that must be finished. These children have the time of their lives, literally. They have enough space in their daily life to play, chat, discover and just have fun overall. Sadly, depression is a term that regularly is associated with teen’s lives in modern society. They have to (or feel like they have to) do everything and anything. This is only resulting in a decrease of joy in their lives. Who would want teens to be so upset, because of everything that is asked from them (in this society), that they have trouble enjoying and appreciating the fun parts of life because there is so little time left for them (in the worst cases)? In my ideal society pressure would be relieved and school/work hours would be lowered. The focus wouldn’t be so much on results and marks, more on the development of people as good, intelligent and caring persons within a society.

I briefly touched upon the subject of development (through work) earlier on. I think a society should keep on developing itself. My ideal society as I describe it right now, might not be relevant nor close to my ideas in a couple of years from now. According to me we can only reach perfection when thriving on a technological field. We should improve and, most importantly, want to improve. It would be great if we could create a ‘green state’ in which nothing that is used/done is contributing to climate change. A society in which everybody is aware of the problems that are going on and actually works together to face them and solve them by creating new technological facilities that reduce the harm of our consumption and way of living. Examples could be the building of a car that is fuelled by water energy or muscle power. A system that continuously recycles everything we use, is another invention that I would love to see in my ideal society.

Doesn’t this sound amazing? Unfortunately, we still have a long time to go, though we will get there, eventually.

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