My trip to Edinburgh (throwback)

My trip to Edinburgh (throwback)


Last spring, I had the chance to travel to Edinburgh, Scotland with school. I just realized that I never really made a blog about this wonderful trip. I remember stating at the beginning of the year that I wanted to document all the trips I made during 2019 on my blog. So here I am with a Scotland blog. Better late than never, right?

I went on this four day trip with school. It was absolutely fantastic to make such a trip with my friends. I can tell you, we laughed a lot ;). I have been to both Ireland and England before, but I had never been to Scotland. I couldn’t wait to explore this part of the United Kingdom! I had obviously done some research before I went on the trip and was super excited by how beautiful the city of Edinburgh looked online. It could only be better in real life, I thought. That was more than true. Since I went with school, I wasn’t able to design the trip myself. Usually that is what I like to do; to make sure that I see everything I want to see and more. I must say, the program made by my high school was pretty okay.

The first day, we took the plane very early. The only advantage of this is that we thus also arrived early and had the chance to spend more time in the city center. We took the bus from the airport to Edinburgh Castle. The Royal Mile (a very famous street) and this Castle were the first things we saw from the city: so gorgeous! We took some pictures and walked down the Royal Mile before having a really interesting guided city tour. We saw a lot; from Victoria Street to the graveyards which inspired the author of the Harry Potter novels. I never choose for tours when I am in a new place, because I normally just figure all the things out myself (haha), but I must say: I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Maybe it is a good idea to do this more often. I then strolled some more through the city with my friends, went in and out of some shops and ate some real Scottish chips. My friends were brave enough to try a traditional dish: a fried Mars bar, I got nauseous by just thinking about it so skipped this round of food ;). At the end of the afternoon, it was time to go and climb Arthur’s Seat. This was probably my favorite acitivity of the entire trip. After a pretty tough climb, we were awed by the most magnificent views over the city. This was such a cool experience. We then met with our host-family, ate our dinner and spent the rest of the night chatting. A day to never forget.

Rise and shine (yes a Kylie Jenner reference, if you know what I mean)! The next day we spent the morning learning how to do Scottish dancing; well that was a challenge! But so much fun. We then walked around the city for hours because we had an assignment about architecture; we had to search the entire city to find buildings that matched with the architectural styles we had to study. In the afternoon it was finally time to visit the famous Edinburgh Castle. We walked around for a bit, saw the jewels and admired the view. Just hanging around at this historical place with my friends was magical.

On day three, we went to Stirling. We visited Stirling Castle, which was nice to see but not super spectacular if you ask me, and went into the city itself. Up next was visiting the National Museum of Scotland. This museum really surprised me. It has an amazing rooftop with great views (by now, you should know that this is something I love when traveling). The collections are so interesting and the architecture of the building itself is gorgeous. I saw the first cloned sheep, which was pretty cool as well.

On our last day in Scotland we visited the beach. It was freezing cold (the pink fluffy coat it is!), so all we did was walk along the shore. It was a really nice way to end this amazing time with so many special people. 

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