Poem: Work Ethic

Poem: Work Ethic

I wrote a little poem as a reminder for myself to take into account the importance of mental health and to maintain a healthy balance between rest/relaxation and work in order to remain happy and as ‘stress-free’ as possible. I thought I would share it on ‘Styles by Sophie’ since it might inspire others.

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~ Work ethic ~

Sometimes we shine bright and thrive,

Endless productivity.


Sometimes we take a deep dive,

Endless creativity.


Sometimes we can’t seem to stop,

Endless energy amounts,

They begin to disappear,

Sometimes we can’t let work drop,

Endless perfection counts.


Sometimes that matters most.


Though is that fully correct.


Sometimes rest is all we need,

Endless time for relaxing,

Sometimes will exceed,

Endless hours near collapsing.


Sometimes time is spend best when,

Endless time with special friends.


Sometimes that will show again,

Endless stress is a thing which ends.


Which will cause you to light up,

It is alright to mix-up.


Taking a step back is fine,

Personal joy is a great sign.


Health is not only useful,

Health is for sure very crucial.


Mental health is closely related,

And can’t be underestimated.


Try not to risk this big part,

Happiness is a head start.


‘Doing nothing’ is no crime,

When you take sufficient time.


You will develop yourself.


In fields that really matter,

Changing life for the better.


Be sure strive wholeheartedly.


And don’t forget to be happy.

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