Reflecting on the goals I set myself at the start of 2019

Reflecting on the goals I set myself at the start of 2019

As 2019, marking the end of an entire decade, is coming to an end, I always enjoy looking back on the past 12 months. I am always surprised to see how much has (subconsciously) changed and how much I grew in several different ways. At the start of this year, I dedicated an entire blogposts to goals/habits I wanted to achieve or create during these upcoming 365 days. I emphasized in this post, that January shouldn’t be the only motivator to change your life for the better. It is never too early or too late to improve aspects of your life. And you should definitely not wait until tomorrow, next Monday or January 1st. That would just be a waste of time; and who wants to waste time, precious time that could have been spent in other manners during these busy times. In today’s post, I would like to reflect on the goals/habits I set myself. Have I achieved them? Or have I at least progressed? Let’s find out!

The first and foremost goal that immediately came to mind when writing that post about a year ago; trying to replace the overthinking with more happy-time. This will always be something that I can improve on. Relaxing and not thinking about things that could go wrong or that didn’t go as well as planned is a struggle point for me, and will probably always present some way, somehow. I do think that the situation improved a little bit. I talked more about this “problem” with other people and really tried to focus on it more, to try and make this something that isn’t in my mind all the time. During the past year, I tried to remind myself that nothing really matters when you look at it from someone else’s perspective. I shouldn’t make things any bigger and try to relativity the importance of certain events. All this time worrying could have been spend in a happy and more relaxed way! “Well, I don’t really care” and “I can’t do anything about it, so I’m not going to worry about it” are sentences that I said and/or thought more often than before, this year. That’s already a good start, but of course I will continue working on this. Though, I have to accept that this is also part of me.

I also wished to achieve a higher level of confidence in 2019. I am still quite insecure, but at the same time I also feel like I have grown, confindence-wise. I did a lot of things that scared me this year. Not because I had to, but because I wanted to do so. Doing all of this and accomplishing the goals I had in mind going in to that scary moment, made sure that I realised “see, I CAN do this and I just did it”. This definitely boosted my confidence. Also, I kind of wanted to look more confident this year and I think I succeeded in that. Just a reminder; that doesn’t actually mean that I was confident at this moment, but acting like you are always makes a world of a difference (both for yourself and for others).

I always reach for the clouds; the sky really is the limit in my eyes. This can be a huge advantage when talking about ambition, but it can also take its toll. I therefore had a hard time being glad and satisfied with lower outcomes. I still find this very hard, when situations like these occur. Then again; I try to keep in mind the relevance of the subject that I am not 100% content with. This part might still need some work, I guess it really is a process of improvement.

Going in to 2019, I definitely wanted to make more time for friends and family. I can say that I reached this goal. Every time I had some spare hours, I messaged a friend or visited some family. I noticed that this made sure that I was way more relaxed and happy in general because my social life really blossomed. This was a great plus-point for me; it is just amazing to be around people you love as much as possible!

The last goal I set myself at the start of this year, was all about adventures. I wanted to experience more adventures that I have ever experienced before. I totally think I achieved what I had in mind concerning this goal. I always associate vacations to new destinations with adventures. This year, I travelled to Scotland with school, visited Dubai and roadtripped through the United States. It was such an unique experience to travel to Scotland with friends, instead of family, and staying in host families. We did so many amazing things there and made memories for life (check my Scotland post here). Dubai was also a  wonderful adventure as a whole. I did some camel-riding, did some dune bashing in the desert, bought souvenirs in souks and rode abra boats. I visited skyscrapers and looked at the tallest building in the world. I then went to the USA. I did some window-shopping on Rodeo Drive, had some sunset swimming sessions in Santa Monica and Venice, saw some of the world’s most beautiful pieces of nature in real life and experienced the crazy Las Vegas. And so many more great things happened, also because I got out of my comfort zone more often than ever.

Yes, I think it is safe to say that this year has been one big adventure. I can’t wait to see what the next decade has in store. What would my life look life at the end of the next decade? I guess we will have to find out. I am ready for it.

See you next time.

Lots of love,



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