Scandinavia, the poem

Scandinavia, the poem

Hi everybody!

This afternoon, I got the idea to write a poem series about cities that I have visited and the feeling that occurred when I wandered through its streets (I wanted to share my experience as a traveler on the city as a whole). I am starting this series off with three cities that I have visited in Scandinavia, in this blog I will combine the three into one blogpost :). I hope you enjoy!




You have got that simplicity,

The minimalism that feels like much,

The colorful houses and boats,

Spotting towers and clocks when you look up,

Nyhavn forming the bustling heart,

And of course the little mermaid,

Sitting on the edge of a rock,

Looking out over the wild waters and opera theater,

Parks and harbors shaping the capital,

Architecture and style defining the trends,

Appreciating the cobblestoned alleyways,

As I wander through them looking from side to side,

Seeing the details in every part of old town,

Forming the combination of trendy yet authentic,

Yes, that is Copenhagen to me.



Short but sweet,

Large squares,

Impressive buildings,

Big waters in between isles,

Isles surrounded by mystery,

Small but stunning,

Market halls offering treats,

Swimming in the harbor as the night approaches,

Modern art scattered through the city,

Vintage looking trams driving up and down,

Walking through the Esplanade Park,

Street artists playing music here and there,

Magicians performing tricks while I watch,

From the bench, sitting in the sunshine,

Oh Helsinki what a pleasure it is,

To be in your presence.



I have known you for quite some time now,

I have wandered through your streets,

Days after days, sunrise after sunset,

Exploring your different islands,

All intertwined and connected,

Through fragile and detailed bridges,

Through large and artsy subway stations,

A surprise every time I walk up the stairs,

I feel the magic of meeting a new part of town,

The trendy Södermalm,

Cozy and full of pops of color,

That is Gamla Stan,

With its stunning churches and buildings,

Delicate architecture forming the elegance,

Of this town, I take it all in,

While enjoying my daily break,

A coffee and a cinnamon roll,

A necessity called ‘Fika’,

Take it easy, look around you,

And see the true beauty,

Of a city called Stockholm.

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