Some of my most favorite movies that I have recently watched

Some of my most favorite movies that I have recently watched

I love to hang on the couch and turn on Netflix when I come home after a long day of school (I mean; who doesn’t?). Sometimes it can be quite a hassle to actually pick a great movie (out of the large selection) that won’t disappoint you. Here is a list of a couple of movies that I have watched (and really enjoyed) over the past couple of weeks. They are definitely worth your time!

  • The Irishman: a very exciting (and from time to time also a bit lurid) and real movie about the life of maffia members. It is available on Netflix now!
  • Once upon a Time in… Hollywood: a very surprising movie which is a must watch if you ask me!
  • Call me by your name: this is a very romantic and touching story with a retro feel. Taking place during a beautiful Italian summer in the 80’s.
  • Revolutionary Road: this romantic, but at the same time heartbreaking movie is one you will definitely get lost in.
  • Inception: this movie is quite complex and has a hint of science fiction. Are you curious to find out what happens when you try to enter someone’s mind through their sub-consciousness while they are dreaming? Then you should definitely watch this one.
  • Coco Chanel: whilst watching this one, you will be transported into Gabrielle’s life that took place decades ago. I will say, it wasn’t all that rosy. Not at all.

I am sure I will add to this list soon ;). I am also really curious about several new ones that will hit the cinemas soon (I for example can’t wait to see Charlie’s Angels). What are your absolute favorite movies to watch right now?

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Btw, how cool is this art work that I added as an image to this blog. So abstract, simple and beautiful at the same time!

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