Summer skies – a series

Summer skies – a series

One thing that never fails to amaze me, is the sky. Heavy, dark and melancholic; clear, light and colorful or anything in between. The sky is never the same, which is exactly what keeps it from ever becoming mundane. I can be absolutely fascinated by the different shades forming in the clouds, especially during summer, when all of the colors seem to vividly collide. I try to take in the beautiful scenery each and every day, often the view is too special not to capture; therefore I have decided to try to capture the most memorable summer skies in order to share them on here. I hope you enjoy these photos and don’t forget to take a look at today’s sky, it might surprise you!

I took this one during a day on the lake; how pretty are the reflections in the water?

This photo was taken during golden hour on a bridge, the architectural components give the image an extra sense of dimension.

Can you spot the pink sun under the arch of the bridge?

I had to photograph this view from the car; the red lights in combination with the street lights and the streaks of gold in the sky… 

It had been a while since I saw a rainbow, I immediately went outside to take in the view and see the entire bow; the colors blended so nicely!

Need I say anything more about this picture… It is save to say that I saved the best for last, in my opinion :). 


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