The Amsterdam Guide

The Amsterdam Guide


The city of freedom, the city of creatives and the city which I can call ‘my’ capital. It is a city I absolutely adore. It feels like home to me and I get such an inspiration boost whenever I visit the Dutch city. I have a couple of favorite spots which I like to tick off my list whenever I have a full day in Amsterdam. I would love to go into the city again and also test some of the most Instagram-worthy hotspots in town. Would you like me to write a blogpost about this as well? Here is my list of the most amazing things to see/do in Amsterdam.

The Dam Square

Whenever I come to Amsterdam, I usually travel by train. I thus step out of the beautiful Central Station and walk the main road that leads towards one of the most famous sights in the city. The Dam Square is always a point of recognition and realization for me: wow, I really am in Amsterdam! The architecture of the building is stunning and the ambiance is always amazing. A very touristy but not to be missed place!

De Bijenkorf

While you’re in the Dam Square area, please cross the road and visit the warehouse ‘De Bijenkorf’. This luxurious place is thé spot for some shopping. I always love to look around and see the designer items from up close. The restaurant/bar inside is also nice to have a shopping-break at. The make-up department is so much fun as well! You get to test fragrances and if you are lucky, you can even get a free make-up touch up! It is the perfect stop during a trip to the city with the girls! There are a lot of cute shops in Amsterdam and if you are a real shopaholic, then don’t forget to check out Amsterdam’s most famous street: The ‘Kalverstraat’.

The Rijksmuseum

I have mentioned this spot a couple of times before on my blog, but I couldn’t resist to give you some more in dept information about this museum and why I like it so much. The Rijksmuseum is one of the Netherlands’ most well-known museums. It features paintings and sculptures of the most famous artists and painters ever. Apart from that, the interior and architecture is so extremely gorgeous! I find this place so relaxing, inspirational and interesting. It was even the inspiration for the interior/decor of my room (check my room tour blog here). My favorite paintings are made by Dutch artists and they are the quite cliché and obvious ones (I have to admit): The Milkmaid, The Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Night Watch and the portrait of Maria by Rembrandt van Rijn. Of course, there are many more artworks which I find fascinating, but these ones represent this museum to me. The gardens of the Rijksmuseum are wonderful as well; after a day of strolling through the museum and taking in all the impressive pieces, you have the chance to relax on a bench in the middle of flowers and birds. On another location in the city center (the Rembrandt Square) they actually recreated The Night Watch in statues; a very nice sight to check out after seeing the painting in real life!

Wander around

The best thing to do in Amsterdam is to just wander around and see where the city will take you. Amsterdam is quite a large city with lots of different areas. Some people think that the actual heart of the city is getting overcrowded and is being transformed into a so called ‘tourist attraction’. I do understand what they are saying, but at the same time; there is a reason why so many people are visiting the same spots. They are just incredibly beautiful! Other neighborhoods like ‘De Pijp’ and streets such as ‘De negen straatjes’ (the nine streets) are nice to discover as well. To be honest, just walking along the canals and seeing the stunning houses around you and discovering new shops and restaurants is just the best thing to do (in any city , actually). Don’t be afraid to step out of the city center; there is so much more to Amsterdam than just this part! The city is evolving into a very trend-forward metropole and I am loving it!

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? And if so, what did you like most about it?

See you soon!

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