The Most Special Season

The Most Special Season

The streets are covered in a layer of frost,

The paths between seasons have been crossed,

Snowflakes are whirling down the sky,

So striking we aren’t able to deny,

The year is coming to an end,

I finish it with a heart full of content,

We will festively celebrate the last days,

While splendid fireworks never fail to amaze,

I want to thank you for all you have done,

Because without you there would be none,

A merry Christmas to you,

Even though I haven’t got a clue,

What awaits the upcoming year,

Hopefully it will be filled with cheer,

There is absolutely no doubt,

That I would love to figure it out,

Preferable with all of you by my side,

As always lots of love and all the best,

Because of you I feel so blessed.

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