The source of creativity

The source of creativity

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A few days ago, I posted a blogpost about living purposefully. As mentioned in that post, creativity is closely linked to living purposefully, for me. Creativity as a goal on its own, can be a difficult one to reach. Quite a few components and a certain state of mind are beneficial to achieve this. In this blogpost I will explain the components that help me to (re)obtain my creativity and maintain/get closer to my purpose. Some of them might be obvious, whilst others might seem to have less to do with artistry and having an inspired, imaginative mindset.

The first trait that tremendously helps me to get into a creative flow, is lightheartedness. A person who doesn’t take everything extremely seriously is more so able to receive inspiration and to translate this into creative projects. When you are constantly on edge, very serious and too focused on ‘getting things done’, chances are that this will result in an obstacle on your path to artistic creation. Purely focusing on the end goal in combination with a heightened sense of stress and tension will most likely result in frustration and a ‘creative block’, which is the exact opposite of what you want when you are trying to get creative.

Being comfortable and experiencing a sense of relaxation goes hand in hand with the previously mentioned trait. Whenever you are in the company of people that make you feel at ease and/or inspire you, it is easier to focus on your mental processes and start brainstorms. For some people, being in a quiet environment is exactly what they need to feel their most comfortable and therefore be the most creative. Others really need the company of likeminded individuals (or people with a totally different perspective, to provide an interesting contrast with their own views) to get their creativity flowing. For me personally, it works best to get inspired by other people/creations/environments and then go to a quiet space where I can think clearly in order to translate this initial spark of inspiration into a blog, poem or new concept after an intensive but fun brainstorm process.

Furthermore, letting go of what is ‘needed’/’expected’ is also one of the sources of creativity. When you distance yourself from what ‘should’ be the outcome, you create a lot more space for your own creative freedom. Chances are that you will still end up where you need to be, but that the journey of getting there will be much more enjoyable and inspirational (therefore being more effective). I often notice that when I force myself to sit down and write a blog or a poem, it is much harder than when I let my ideas do the work during times at which I get a boost of inspiration. Of course, sometimes this might not come easily, and a bit of help is necessary. During times like these, I often choose to visit a museum, watch a movie, read a book or look at the work of other artists, poets and musicians. I usually end up feeling inspired so quickly: it always works as a good solution when you feel like you are finding yourself in a creative funk. Plus, it is much better than forcing inspiration when it is simply lacking, that definitely won’t benefit the creative project whatsoever!

Lastly, humor is proven to help with creativity. This also relates to the essence of my first point. Humor often leads to lightheartedness and in turn, lightheartedness offers an opportunity for humor. Laughter and having a good time in general leads to a reduction of stress and worries; even if it is temporary, try to make use of this moment to get inspired and creative. Humor brings joy and color, which could be the basis of a new idea and could possibly open up your mind for some fresh input. According to a research article by Ching-Hui Chen, Hsueh-Chih Chen and Anne M. Roberts, the happiness that is experienced as a result of expressions of humor, leads to an increased sense of intrinsic motivation to be creative. Isn’t that interesting?

So to sum everything up, the ultimate source of creativity (according to me and also applauded by research) has a lot to do with a feeling of being comfortable, happy and free in order to be open for receiving inspiration. What are important aspects that are essential for creativity according to you? Let me know in the comment section underneath this post.

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