Travel Diary: Day Two in the Belgian Ardennes

Travel Diary: Day Two in the Belgian Ardennes

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Last week, I shared with you my experiences about the first day in the Belgian Ardennes (you can read the blogpost here). Today, I will share with you what I did during my second day in this area, as promised :). From castles to caves and from chocolateries to bistros; we saw it all! Continue reading to find out more about some of the Belgian treasures we visited. I hope you enjoy!

Stop 1: Packing Up & Visiting Leffe

After we started our day with a delicious breakfast at our hotel, it was time to pack our bags and head out. We took the car and started exploring immediately; I love the freedom of having a car with you when traveling, it is so easy to discover many amazing spots in a short time! Also, the road trips with McDonald’s stops and karaoke sessions make the journey even more worthwhile.

As I told you in my previous post, the famous Leffe beer was named after a district in the Belgian city of Dinant, Leffe. De church that is visible on the Leffe logo, is actually the abby of Leffe. Since we were very close, we figured it would be nice to quickly take a look at this ‘Leffe Abbey’. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to enter the abbey, but it was already fun to see the building that is on so many beers in real life.

Stop 2: Chateau Hunting Part 2 – The Castle of Vêves

Since me and my boyfriend were both so amazed by the beautiful Castle of Walzin that we had visited the previous day, we decided to do some more chateau hunting! After a short 15 minute drive from Dinant, we arrived at the Castle of Vêves. Just like the day before, we couldn’t enter this castle, but the views from outside were already so magnificent. The castle is placed on a hill in front of the woods, creating a beautiful scene. The gloomy skies actually added to the atmosphere the castle created; I would definitely recommend to visit tis castle when you are in the area and looking to take in some medieval architecture or just to take some nice photos :).

Stop 3: Exploring the Woods – Park Furfooz

Of course, the Ardennes area is mainly known for its outstanding nature. We therefore had to do some exploring in this field too. We ended up in a forest near the Castle of Vêves and hiked around for a while. We stumbled upon beautiful bridges, brooks, cliffs and caves; a very interesting area! The region appeared to be part of the Park Furfooz; an area that used to be inhabited by our ancestors during the prehistory, as well as by the Romans afterwards. A very history-rich park!

Stop 4: Visiting Grotte La Merveilleuse

As you may know, a lot of caves have been discovered in Belgium and France. I remember visiting one of them when I was younger, and being so impressed by everything that nature was apparently able to create. I therefore didn’t hesitate when I heard there was also a cave open for visitors in Dinant. After a very interesting and thorough explanation of the cave by one of the employees, we walked down the stairs and slowly entered a different world. Seeing all the rock formations, stalagmites, stalactites and limestone was so beautiful. We walked around the cave for about an hour or so, which appeared to be the perfect time to be spend there. It is crazy how much is going on underneath the surface of the ground, of which you can’t see a thing from the streets. If only the government of Belgium wasn’t looking to building a train line in the area, the caves would not have been discovered.

Stop 5: Stopping by a Chocolaterie

Belgium is famous for its delicious chocolates and sweets. So when we saw a very nice chocolaterie on a street corner in Dinant, we quickly decided to pay a visit before we went home. From raspberry chocolates to basil bonbons; it all looked so pretty and good! If you are looking to buy a tasty souvenir, or buy some treats for a loved one back home; definitely stop by one of the many cute stores. They have enough to offer for everyone’s taste :).

Stop 6: Having a Bistro Dinner and Heading Home

It was getting a bit late already, so we decided to drive to the city of Namur, which was on our way home. We walked around town for a while, looking for a nice place to have dinner so that we could end this amazing weekend on a good note. We eventually decided to sit down at Bistro Bisous; a very modern and trendy bistro with a colorful interior and amazing truffle fries. After some pasta and a dulce de leche dessert, it was time to go home.

What a fantastic two-day trip this was! We got to explore a lot of amazing sights, relax a bit and try some delicious foods; what more do you need for a perfect getaway? I hope you liked reading these 2 blogposts about our adventures in the Belgian Ardennes. Let me know if you have visited the area before, or would like to do so in the future!

I hope to see you soon!



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