What I do besides ‘Styles by Sophie’

What I do besides ‘Styles by Sophie’

Hi everybody!

Today I am dedicating a blog to the things I do in my daily life besides Styles by Sophie. Just to give you a little more insight in my life.

Besides the fact that I obviously write blogs and take pictures for my own blog, I also write travel articles/blogs for the travel company We Fly Cheap. I write about all my travel experiences in Dutch on this site. Read my blogs for this website by clicking here.

I really take all my chances when it comes to spreading my name in the blogger/journalism industry. That’s why I also submitted columns about equality to the Dutch magazine ‘Linda.Meiden’ and the Dutch online platform ‘Vrouw.nl’. I hope my articles will be published! Everytime I hear about such an opportunity, I try my absolute best and work very hard on an article; it’s something I love to do!

Apart from that I also organize a school gala/prom this year, which is inspired by the MET Gala which is held in New York City each year. I made powerpoints and presented them to the head of my school and a group of teachers. I am really passionate about this project and I’m definitely going to do everything I can to make this the nicest and most fashionable gala ever!

Next to my pretty busy school schedule (I have got 2 more years of high school to go) I also babysit as a side job. I really enjoy being with children and therefore think this job really really suits me.

I am of course thinking about my future a lot, that’s also why I am already trying to gain as much information as possible due to which I hopefully will get closer to deciding which study I would like to follow at university. Right now, I’m leaning towards the Social Sciences sector. Sociology, communication sciences and psychology really intrigue me. I have already joined a communication expert, hotel developer and fashion designer to their work to get an insight into what their job is all about which was extremely interesting! I have also modeled for a Dior make up artist competition and have helped/done a bit of modeling at a shoot for a local entrepreneur.

Right now I am also trying to expand my media knowledge. I signed up to help a local TV program called ‘Beeldbrengers’. I hope to get to develop my skills as am editor, stylist and make up artist: so exciting!

When it comes to my social life, I really like hanging out with my friends and family. I love to do some shopping or go out for lunch/dinner. But just chatting while drinking a cup of tea is also one of my favorite things to do. I go to the gym and love to go on hikes. I do these activities together with a work-out buddy, which obviously makes everything way more fun!

Watching YouTube and reading magazines/other blogposts always gives me a huge inspiration boost so that is something I really enjoy doing as well.

Well, that was a lot of information about me 😉 . I hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about my life besides this blog. What are some of your favorite things to do?

See you in the next one!

Lots of love,


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