Happy new year!


I wish you all a lot of love, health, joy and light for the new year; these past twelve months have made it even more clear that these are the things that really matter in life.

2020 has been a rough year. 2021 might feel like turning a new page, it might feel like the start of a story that hopefully has a better ending. Nevertheless, I was still able to make a lot of fantastic memories in 2020 that I will cherish for a lifetime. It might sound hard, but even in the darkest of times it is important to find small dots of light here and there. Just like the sky lanterns that were released up into the midnight sky last night when the clock struck twelve. Reminding yourself of the good in the perhaps overpowering bad of 2020 is important, too. Hopefully the journey for happiness will be easier next year.

Over the last couple of months, I have been rather inactive when it comes to posting blogposts on Styles by Sophie. Though my creativity has not been on hold, to say the least!

In 2021, I hope to finish up and publish all of the creative projects I have been working on, sharing them on this platform as soon as the moment has come. Over the last few months, it has become even more clear to me, that creating is something I wish to do my entire life. I am trying to release the pressure that I used to feel, in order to really let my creativity flow. Because of this reason, I am not sure how frequently I will post on here. It will probably be when the time is right to share the substantial information that I am more than ready to share with you.

In 2020, I have grown a lot personally, due to which I have distanced myself even more from the ‘superficial content’ I used to make when I started blogging (back in 2017, when I was fourteen years old). This only makes sense, since I have gained so much wisdom over these past teenage years. My goal, however, has stayed the same; creating in order to inspire. That is what I hope to achieve this year, again. Since I have been extremely passionate about arts, reading, psychology and philosophy, my content will most likely be primarily based upon these topics (including the usual poetry, photography and travel related content that by now has become a staple on Styles by Sophie). I really can’t wait to discover what 2021 has in store for me and you, especially when it comes to creativity; the ray of sunshine that seems to pull me through anything and everything. I am ready to face this year together, are you?


To making beautiful memories and overcoming all we have to face! * cheers *


Lots of love,



Oh and by the way, let’s just throw all of the New Year’s resolutions out of the window and just try to make the most of every single moment. Is that not the key to making this year one to remember?

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