Poem: the danger of love

Poem: the danger of love

Hi everyone!

As you might know, I really enjoy writing poetry from time to time. Last May, I published my debut poetry bundle with over 100 English poems and that wasn’t the end of my love for poetry; throughout the course of this summer, I have kept on writing poems regularly. The poems are often based on my own life and experiences. Sometimes I also get inspired by others, by movies or by other artistic pieces. From time to time, I try to shift perspectives and write from other points of view to switch things up. This works well for me in order to expand my poetry style and offers a new source of inspiration.

Some time ago, I heard an interesting line whilst watching a Netflix show. It really spoke to me, so I quickly wrote it down and came back to it later to write a poem about it. This is just a completely different example of what one of my creative processes could look like. I hope you enjoy this poem!



You stole stars from the sky,
Darkened the depth of the night.

You stole butterflies from my stomach,
Darkened the depth of our light.

You stole flowers from the ground,
Darkened the field of white.

You stole droplets from the sea,
Darkened the journey of my fright.

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