Summer photography – part three

Summer photography – part three

I feel bittersweet writing this blogpost, containing pictures I loved to take, however also marking the last part of my summer photography series; part three. It is September and unfortunately, with that comes the fact that summer is reaching its end. As the final rays of comforting sunlight guided me through my first week at university, I simultaneously collected my favorite photographs that I took these last few weeks. I hope you enjoy the photographs in this blog and that they bring you a bit of happiness and inspiration during these rainy days. It might just be the summer’s child within me, but I feel sad that we have reached ‘the Sunday of summer’; September. Let’s hold on to summer for just another week  : ).

I hope you have enjoyed this three-part series over the last few months, I will definitely try to continue this habit of photography the upcoming months :). Have a great weekend!



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