#10 The American Dream: Sophie goes LA (part 2)

#10 The American Dream: Sophie goes LA (part 2)

Hi guys,

Welcome back to the tenth(!) blog of my ‘The American Dream’ blogpost series. Recently, I told you all about my first couple of days in Los Angeles. I had so much to tell you that I wasn’t able to fit it all in one blog (of a reasonable length). So here is part 2! I experienced a lot of cool things while I was in the LA, so read on to find out how I spent another 2,5 days in this fabulous city!

Day three: Universal Studios

How could you visit LA and not spend a day at Universal Studios?! Well, to be completely honest with you, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go the universal studios. A lot of people had told me that it is amazing and that it would be a shame if I skipped it during my stay in the States. I was a bit skeptical since the tickets are insanely expensive, you have to wait hours in line to get into a ride and you ‘lose’ a whole day which could have been spend in the city center. I was afraid that I would regret it if I didn’t go, so I got out of my hotel and about an hour later I walked on the Universal Studios red carpet: Let’s go!

The first thing we did, was joining the Universal Studios Studio Tour. We had to wait for about an hour before we could hop on a train and drive through the film sets. It was impressive to see where (parts of) super famous movies were shot. We experienced some 3D attractions during the tour, which were so exciting!

After lunching at an Hawaiian beach restaurant on the Universals Boulevard (this is such a cool place and free to enter, so you can also have a dinner there if you’re not visiting the park!) we went to stand in line for the ‘The Walking Dead attraction’. I heard there were actors who were about to scare you and I immediately regretted my decision. However, I managed to encourage myself to stay in line. A couple of minutes later I was running and screaming my way through the attraction. I was so happy to get out! My god, that was scary! At least I got a huuuuge adrenaline boost from it and got out of my comfort zone ;).

We then experienced the Minions attraction. In this attraction, you basically sat in a roller-coaster train and watched a short movie. Every once in a while the train started moving creating a 4D movie experience. This was the same for the ‘Kung Fu Panda’ attraction, the only difference was that this attraction was inside a movie theater and the individual chairs where moving every time the tension was built up.

We also ate the largest donut I have ever seen. I got it at a ‘The Simpsons’ to go restaurant. If I had to compare it, I would say it was the size of a full pizza! I shared it of course ;). Next up: Hogwarts! We first rode the rollercoaster, which was cool but so so short! We then got into the actual Hogwarts Castle and went into the attraction. It was so beautiful! The attraction did have some technical difficulties, though. All of a sudden, the individual wagons stopped and the projection on the screens disappeared. It was a little scary, I’ll admit. To make it up to us, we got the chance to experience the Harry Potter attraction again without having to wait in line. We decided to do so and guess what?! It happened again! We were asked to do it another time, but I was already getting a bit nauseous and thus skipped the offer. I’m not sure if it was because of the larger than life donut, or the attraction… Well, probably a combination of the two 🙂 .

Throughout the day, we also attended two shows: the special effects show and the water world one. These are great options when you don’t feel like standing in line for hours and hours. They are very entertaining and the special effects show was quite informative as well!

After visiting the Transformers attraction (which was very cool) it was time to leave the park again. I had a really nice day, but do think that the tickets are actually a bit too expensive for what you get. The park was insanely crowded and we spend most of our time waiting…

Day 4: Beverly Hills baby!

After spending our morning in Downtown, we hopped on the bus again and went to Beverly Hills. An area I have always wanted to visit! We started our exploration of this stunning area on Rodeo Drive. What an insane street! So much gold, so many designer stores, so many palm trees, so many fancy people and so many ridiculously expensive cars! We strolled along this street for a bit and tried to take all the luxury around us in. We then visited the Chipotle (a little les fancy haha) and had a great Mexican lunch. We went to the famous ‘Beverly Hills sign/pond’, watched a couple taking wedding photos and took some pictures in front of the largest tree I have ever seen!

We then stopped at the Louis Vuitton store on Rodeo Drive. I knew that there was a very special exhibition going on at the moment, so I really wanted to check it out! This Louis Vuitton store was so cool; everything was pink and full of art. I felt like a little kid in a candy shop! I saw some very beautiful dresses worn by famous people, stared at some art and sat on their rooftop terrace while enjoying listening to Ariana Grande’s album blasting out of the speakers.


We ended the day at Venice beach; what a fantastic day it was!

Day 5: The Hollywood sign

On this beautiful Saturday morning, we drove around the Griffith Observatory and took a closer look at the impressive Hollywood sign. A little later we were back on the Highway; Malibu here we come!

Thank you for reading this blog! How are you liking the ‘The American Dream’ blogpost series so far? Only a couple more blogs left!


Have a good one.

Lots of love,


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