#11 The American Dream: Malibu, Pismo beach, Morro Bay & Big Sur; my time along the Pacific

#11 The American Dream: Malibu, Pismo beach, Morro Bay & Big Sur; my time along the Pacific

Hi everyone!

On Monday morning the 29th of July, we left the stunning LA (after saying goodbye to the Hollywood sign) and drove to Malibu…


I really wanted to visit Malibu because of 1) Miley Cyrus’ song about this city and 2) because my favorite artist, Harry Styles, is often spotted here. I have read that Malibu is a very chill and relaxed town. Unfortunately we didn’t have too much time there, but we made the best out of the 2 hours we spend there.

Firstly, we visited Café Habana, the place Harry has lunch at very often. The food was amazing and the atmosphere of the café really appealed to me. So extremely cool to be able to say that I lunched in the restaurant Harry Styles regularly eats in as well! We then went to a little shoping plaza behind the café and played some table tennis. We had so much fun! Unfortunately it was already time to leave the beautiful Malibu. I hope to come back there one day!


Pismo Beach:

We drove Highway number 1 to Pismo Beach, a coastal city right in the middle between Los Angeles and San Francisco. We stayed here for one night. On the first evening we just had some dinner at an Italian place and went straight to bed; we were all pretty tired from all of the driving! The next morning we had breakfast and walked along the beach which was great! This was the first time the temperatures got to a reasonable (and sometimes even cold) level. I swam for a little bit and walked along the boulevard trying to find a nice place for lunch. While we were walking, I spotted a super cute shop where they sold drinks, food and all kinds of souvenirs. I bought this really nice necklace. After eating some nachos (we probably ate Mexican food 80% of the time during this trip; it’s just so good and they sell it everywhere) we picked up our car and headed back on Highway number 1.

Morro Bay:

While driving along this highway, we took a small detour to see Morro Bay; a very pretty area I had read about. We parked the car and walked towards the water. All of a sudden, a gigantic rock appeared in front of us; so impressive! We walked around the rather small village built around this tourist attraction while hearing the sea lions producing rather funny noises from a fleet in the water.

Big Sur:

This was our last stop before reaching our final destination for the day: Santa Cruz. We were driving and saw an astonishing viewpoint, which we just had to take a closer look at: wow! This was probably one of the most amazing and at the same time unrealistic views I have ever seen! Actually, the whole Highway 1 is absolutely stunning, and I definitely recommend you to drive this route! Oh be careful ,though; the wonderful views might distract you from driving…

After having dinner at a restaurant in Big Sur (the restaurant had a shallow river flowing behind it and the owners had put chairs in the river so you could sit in there; what a great idea!), we continued our sunset drive. A little later we arrived in Santa Cruz. We had a drink, enjoyed the hot tub and swam. It was then time to go the bed again. Little did we know the next day was going to be (one of) the most adventurous day of our lives.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost, let me know in the comments down below what you thought of it. I will see you soon!

Lots of love,

Sophie de Vocht

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