#14 The American Dream: San Fran, baby (part 2)!

#14 The American Dream: San Fran, baby (part 2)!

Happy Sunday everybody!

Today I am back with another San Francisco blogpost! Yesterday I took you along on my birthday in this wonderful city (did you miss this one? No problem, read it right now by clicking here). In this blogpost I will tell you about the rest of my stay in San Fran. This is my last official ‘The American Dream’ blogpost, I hope you enjoy reading this one!

San Francisco is a very green city, in terms of nature. There are a lot of amazing parks here, so I had to check one out. We visited the Golden Gate Park which is HUGE! I heard that it is actually larger than Central Park in New York City. We were a bit on the late side, so we didn’t have the chance to visit one of the museums or botanical gardens (we did glance inside, though: it was stunning!). We just wandered around the park and looked at the Japanese Tea Garden from outside the entrance. Apart from that we saw a very pretty green lake with loads of ducks and swans. A section of this park looked a bit like a jungle for some reason; there were a lot of bushes, palm trees and narrow paths which was so cool to see! The rose garden is also very beautiful. It was a bit more foggy this day, which gave the park a fairy-tale like look to it. Would you like to have a relaxing day, while also seeing some nice art and being able to wander through botanical and Japanese gardens? The golden gate park is the place to be!

During another visit to Chinatown, we did some tea-tasting. There are a lot of teashops in this part of San Francisco, so it won’t be hard to find one and experience this for yourself. It was super interesting to learn about all the qualities and benefits of certain teas as well as hearing some nice facts about the production and preparation of tea. Most of the time the shops organise free tea-tasting experiences, however they do kind of expect you to buy something (which you will most likely want to do after hearing all about the great effects tea can have on your body).

While I was in San Francisco, I of course also did a bit of shopping. I have to admit that we have visited several shopping malls/clothing chains more than once, but what can I say; what better place to shop than in a big city like this one?! San Francisco has the nicest shopping streets through which you can stroll for hours and hours while taking in the impressive architecture around you. Between all the shopping, I stopped by a food truck that claimed to serve the best hotdogs in the city. As a vegetarian, I was very excited to find out that they also sold a veggie dog (sounds a bit weird, I agree): it was delicious and I probably enjoyed it even more because of all of the amazing streetartists that were playing great music on the plaza. The vibe in this city is just fantastic!

After some more shopping and exploring we walked towards the Bay Bridge area. While we were on our way, I saw a cable car without any people being parked in the middle of the street: this was my chance! I quickly hopped on and hung on the side like a real tourist; at least I can tick that off my bucketlist! A little later we approached the beautiful Bay Bridge in the early evening sun. What a stunning place! For some reason, the Bay Bridge reminded me a bit of the Manhattan bridge in New York City. There isn’t that much to do over here, it is just a nice and less touristy area to have a drink or walk through.


During our last evening in San Francisco, we went to the Golden Gate Bridge one more time. It was a very cloudy evening, but that made the view even more spectacular. Can you spot the construction of the bridge underneath the layer of clouds in the first picrure of this post? After watching the sun go down from this little beach area, we visited Ghirardelli Square and then took an Uber to a tapas restaurant where we ended our stay in the city in a very delicious way.

The next morning it was time to say goodbye to San Francisco. We headed to the airport and stepped on our plane back to Amsterdam. That was it. That was the American dream. Oh what a dream it certainly was, an adventure to never forget. Many memories were made, which I will cherish forever. I hope to see you soon, America!

Lots of love,


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