#15 The American Dream: Some of my favorite memories

#15 The American Dream: Some of my favorite memories

The past summer was one to truly never forget. I have experienced so much and have seen so many amazing things. I am very grateful to have been able to make this trip of a lifetime together with my brother and parents: it was fantastic, thank you!

To finish up the blogpost series I have worked on very hard for the past month, I would love to share some of my favorite memories with you (it was so hard to select ones, because I loved everything about this roadtrip). I really enjoyed writing all of these blogposts, due to which I got to experience this whole journey once more…

Having fun in the Las Vegas arcade

Strolling through a cooling river in Zion 

Checking out rocks on a Bryce Canyon evening exploration

Swimming in Lake Powell at sunset

Enjoying (the making of) some s’mores while glamping in the Grand Canyon

Time for a Starbucks break in Palm Springs

Admiring the palm trees and mountains while walking the streets of Palm Springs

Discovering the Walt Disney Concert Hall rooftop park in LA

Wandering along the Santa Monica Pier and swimming in the Pacific Ocean

The most stunning tree in Beverly Hills

Taking in the sun at the Louis Vuitton rooftop terrace on Rodeo Drive

Looking at all of the breathtaking views while crousing along the Pacific Highway 

Amazed by the whale watching in Santa Cruz

The best birthday views in San Francisco

The stunning view from the Twin Peaks  

Enjoying a vegetable hotdog in the streets of San Fran

Catching the cable car in the city (or at least pretending like we are actually riding one)

Make sure to read all of my ‘The American Dream’ blogposts by checking out my homepage or the ‘Travel’ page of my blog. I hope you liked this series and would love to see you soon with amongst others a room tour and fashion blogs. Who is excited?!

Lots of love,


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