#9 The American Dream: The city of Angels, LA

#9 The American Dream: The city of Angels, LA

After Palm Springs, it was time to visit our next stop in the always sunny California: Los Angeles. This was probably the city I was most excited about visiting, just because I had heard a lot about it (both good and bad) and it is of course a major city concerning (social) media and trends. I was lucky enough to spend five days in this city. Read on to find out what I did during my stay in Los Angeles and read about my opinion/favorites!

Wednesday evening: Downtown strolls

Since it was almost evening when we arrived at our hotel. We decided to just relax and have some drinks at the bar of the Indigo Hotel (a great place to stay, located in the center of Downtown). After that we headed outside and walked around the Downtown area. We stopped at the Grand Central Market and had some ‘streetstyle food’ over there. We checked out some nice stores and went back to our hotel: a nice start of our time here in LA!

Day one: An artsy day in the city

The next day we woke up, had some breakfast at our hotel, grabbed the subway and headed towards the Broad. This is a place I absolutely wanted to visit when in Los Angeles. I had seen tons of stunning pictures and really wanted to check it out for myself. The great thing is, the tickets to this beautiful art museum are completely free, the only catch is that you need to reserve them beforehand. I had such a great time exploring all of the special art pieces. The balloon dog by Jeff Koons was for sure my favorite! The infinity mirror rooms by Yayoi Kusama were incredible as well! Definitely stop by this place when you’re in the city!

It then was time for a short coffee break! After I had my caffeine fix, we walked next-door to the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I actually didn’t see a show in here, I can imagine it must be fantastic though, but I did visit the rooftop garden. After walking a lot (I mean; a lottt!) of steps, I arrived in something that appeared to be a peaceful park overlooking the city. I walked around, saw a beautiful fountain made from Delfts blue (a very famous Dutch color that was used to decorate pottery) mosaic. I also had the chance to take a closer look at the aluminum construction of the building. This rooftop garden is a must see and seemed to still be quite a hidden/preserved gem!


We had a little bite and then that was it for our first full day in Los Angeles!

Day two: it’s time for Hollywood!

We woke up, rode the subway again and got out in Hollywood. We walked the Hollywood Boulevard, saw the Walk of Fame and took a look at the outside of the Chinese theater. To be honest, I expected way more of this part of LA. It was amazing to see the Hollywood sign from a distance. But the boulevard itself was rather disappointing. The street was quite ugly with a lot of shady looking and old fashioned shops… It was a bit of a bummer! After crossing the street diagonally, which is something Europeans like me aren’t used to ;), and buying a souvenir, I did walk into the outdoor shopping mall. I’m not sure what it’s called, but it kind of had an Egyptian look to it. There were three balconies between the stores which offered amazing views over the Hollywood Hills and the Hollywood sign.

We lunched in a typically American arcade hall and of course played some games!


After a pretty long drive we arrived at the Santa Monica Pier. We enjoyed a nice dinner during sunset, walked over the boulevard and ended our amazing day by swimming in the Pacific Ocean. We got some icecream and started our journey back downtown.



Good night LA, see you soon with part 2.

Lots of love,



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