Cape Town; what to do and see

Cape Town; what to do and see

I just came back from one of the most wonderful and memorable trips I’ve made so far.

At the end of February, I went to visit my friends in South Africa. I had met them during an exchange in the Netherlands last year and saw an opportunity to see them again; I thus grabbed it and stepped on the plane to the other side of the world. All by myself.

What an adventure it was to experience the country while staying with locals. Throughout the week, I went to school with my friends, but after school/in the weekends we explored Cape Town together. I saw a lot of amazing places that I really want to share with you.

Here is a list of the most beautiful and fun things to do and see in Cape Town, South Africa!

I hope this list might be useful for in the future, concerning everything that is going on regarding the corona virus at this moment. I nevertheless wanted to write and publish this blog, because I also want to address the fun things, even if it is only for the sole purpose of inspiring people, which would already be fantastic! Maybe a blog about a city far away will let you escape your own circumstances for a couple of minutes. It is actually proven that thinking about traveling improves your mood, so let’s try that together!

  • Chapman’s Peak + drive along the coast

If you are not staying in the heart of Cape Town, there are several ways to get to the city center. I however highly recommend you to drive the coastal route along the bay. You will enjoy the most stunning views while you are driving (you can even see Cape Point from afar!). You will pass Chapman’s Peak (which is definitely worth a short driving break to take in the view) right before you see the stunning Table Mountain and Lion’s Head Mountain on the horizon. This is one of the most beautiful coastal routes I have ever driven; it almost reminds me a little bit of the Pacific Highway in California…                     On this actual highway in South Africa, a lot of expensive car commercials are shot; once you drive it yourself, you will definitely understand why!

  • St. James Beach at Muizenberg

Even though Cape Town itself has quite a few picturesque beaches, this one in the area of Muizenberg is for sure worth a visit! It is a great place to take photos since the color of the water is a dreamy blue and you will find very cute and brightly colored houses on the side of the beach! Once you walk up the stairs of the beach and enter the actual town of Muizenberg, you will find a lot of little, boho-inspired boutiques. At one of these boutiques I bought a moon ring with a crystal in it; a great souvenir!

  • Boulders Beach

If you are planning on going to Cape Town, you will most likely be familiar with this super touristy attraction (it is literally mentioned in every single travel guide…). I have to say; it is popular for a good reason! It is so entertaining to watch the penguin colony live their lives on this stunning beach with crystal clear water. You can actually get really close to them which is a great experience! A little tip; in the Boulders Beach souvenir shop, you will find a lot of nice items to take home, however, in the street leading to the parking lot, a lot of local inhabitants sell amazing souvenirs as well for much less! I bought a beautifully decorated gold and green ostrich egg and a little penguin made from beading.

  • Table Mountain

Of course, you can’t visit Cape Town without going up this 7th world nature wonder! I visited Table Mountain in the evening, so that we could get the best views of the city; we saw the view during daylight, sunset and night (all in a time frame of about 1,5 hours!). It was stunning to see the city from above (see the picture at the top of this blogpost!) while also watching the sun sink into the ocean. The cable car that takes you up the mountain is very cool as well, since the platform on which you stand turns slowly. In this way you can see the view from all sides without moving!

  • Lion’s Head

Table Mountain is not the only beautiful mountain in Cape Town; Lion’s Head is giving Table Mountain a good run for his money! The special shape of this mountain really fascinated me. I actually wanted to climb it (by foot this time, there is no cable car going up Lion’s Head 😉 ), but the day we planned on doing so, the mountain was actually on fire. From afar, we could already see a bit of smoke coming from the mountain, but as we came closer, the fire had already spread quite a bit. We parked our car on the side of the road and just watched the spectacle. Helicopters were trying to fix the situation by filling baskets with seawater and throwing them over the fire…

  • Waterfront

If you love shopping and good food, I am sure you will love Waterfront: the place to be, according to my South African friends! You can shop till you drop in the mall, you can enjoy some live music near the harbor and you can get a bite at one of the nice restaurants inside or outside the mall!

  • Clifton

This fancy part of town is beautiful to walk through; you will see all of the impressive white villa’s overlooking the beach. It is a great spot to take some Instagram pictures or to drink a lovely cocktail at one of the restaurants.

  • Cape Town stadium

When I was in the city, a big cycling tour was taking place. The finish of the tour was close to the Cape Town stadium, which was the perfect opportunity for me to check it out. The architecture of the building is insanely spectacular and modern. It is awesome to see and I can only image how wonderful it would be to actually go inside the stadium to watch a real South African rugby game 😉 .

I had a fantastic time in Cape Town and really hope to visit the city and my friends again soon; this place has just got so much to offer!

Thank you for reading this blog, I hope you have a nice Sunday!

Stay safe x

Lots of love,


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