Fuerteventura – a travel guide

Fuerteventura – a travel guide

Last week I spent seven days on the island of Fuerteventura. This island is part of Spain and one of the seven islands in the group of the Canary Islands. As you may know, I have quite a lot of wanderlust and I was over the moon to be able to travel again since COVID-19. Before my trip, I did some research about the must sees on the island of Fuerteventura, though I honestly felt quite overwhelmed and misinformed. There were so many articles but I wasn’t sure if all the mentioned activities were actually worth it. I decided to test some of the options myself and I eventually made a selection of the four things I would definitely recommend when you plan on visiting Fuerteventura. This (hopefully) comprehendible list contains multiple tips for an adventurous holiday on Fuerteventura. I hope you enjoy!

Sail towards Isla de Lobos by catamaran

I want to start with the activity that I would recommend the most of all; a tour around the island of Lobos by catamaran. Lobos is a small but very beautiful volcanic island that is located near the northern side of Fuerteventura. We stayed in the village of Corralejo and departed by catamaran from the port of Corralejo. Being on a catamaran is an adventure on itself, but sailing in crystal clear, enchanting blue water is breathtaking. We first arrived at the southern side of the island and then moved to the eastern coast for some water activities. We got off the boat and tried some paddle boarding and snorkeling. There were quite a few fish to be seen; it was a wonderful view underwater. We even took some underwater photos and videos (but that’s for another blog šŸ™‚ ). It was a wonderful experience to be surrounded by the blue sea and all the fish. Once back on the boat, we had some drinks and homemade paella. We then jumped into the water one more time before heading back to Fuerteventura. What an adventure!

Hire a car to explore the mountainous core of the island

Fuerteventura is a relatively small island that is approximately 100 km long and 25 km wide. However, if you wish to see quite a chunk of the island (which I would definitely recommend), then driving a rental car is the best option to get around. As I mentioned earlier, we stayed rather north, so we spent one day to drive all the way to the southern part of the island (which took us about 1 hour and 45 minutes). The southern part is a bit more mountainous, so it was really nice to see the special landscape and drive all the scenic routes. Driving around also really helped us to get a better grip of the island when it comes to orientation and sense of direction, which was a nice bonus. I would definitely recommend to get a car and just start driving around. There are a lot of nice coastal routes and mountain roads that are worth seeing and who knows; maybe you will see some old wind mills or come by a group of goats while you are at it! Oh and don’t forget to drive through the dunes of Corralejo to feel like you are in the Sahara for a while ;).

Climb a volcano, such asĀ theĀ Calderon Hondo

There are plenty of volcanos to be found on and around Fuerteventura. No worries, the volcanos were last active 14,000 years ago, so there is nothing to worry about if you were afraid of a lava eruption. If you are used to a relatively flat and green country, like myself (living in the Netherlands), then seeing Fuerteventuraā€™s landscape is quite a pleasant change of environment. I was baffled by the views and natureā€™s creations throughout my entire stay; such a difference compared to northern Europe! If you feel like doing a bit of exercise, I would advise to hike up to the top of one of the volcanos. We chose to go up the Calderon Hondo; a volcano of a height of about 280 meters. If you take it easy and chose a day that is not so windy, the hike is fairly easy. Once at the top, you are rewarded with an amazing view over the crater; so special!

Explore the coast and visit Caleta de Fuste

On our way towards the south, we made a quick stop in Caleta de Fuste; a very relaxed beach town. The coastline is fairly rocky because of which natural pools are formed; rock divisions allow water from the sea to be stored when high waves clash on the rocks. This process resulted in a few stunning natural pools filled with emerald-colored water. One of the pools has become a real Instagram hit, so obviously I had to see it for myself as well ;). I decided to take a dip into the pool, but was surprised by the high waves that approached me, even during low tide! The color formation of the water was so magical I had to capture it on camera a million times, but I am very happy I did (more to be seen on Styles by Sophie soon…)!


These were the four activities I would recommend the most when visiting Fuerteventura. I would love to hear if these tips were useful and what your plans are for this summer. See you soon!



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