Memories made in Dubai

Memories made in Dubai

I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin,

Excitedly I explore a place I’ve never been,

Buildings so high reaching for the sky,

Showing my reflection as I pass by,

The beautiful palm trees provide shadow,

As I’m walking the luxury seems to grow,

Getting closer to the cities bustling core,

Further and further away from the shore,

People gather from all across the earth,

Waiting for the metropolitan to show its worth, 

The golden clock strikes seven at night,

The lights of the tallest building shine bright,

The dramatic music begins to play,

The water in the fountains finds its way,

Shooting up like a rocket in the gloomy air,

Amazing all the people on the main square,

Accompanied by the melody and the cheering,

The darkness of the night is appearing,

The magic is what you can clearly feel,

The atmosphere is almost unreal,

Far removed from my hometown,

Though this place surely hasn’t let me down.

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