Une journée à Paris

Une journée à Paris

Bonjour mes ami(e)s,

Last week, my friend and I spontaneously decided to go to Paris for a day. Monday the 8th of July around 2 AM, we got on a bus and left to chase after our wanderlust.

A long 7 hours and several naps later, we finally arrived in the French capital. The moment we set foot on the Parisian streets and saw the magical Eiffel Tower, we knew that the uncomfortable trip was all worth it.

As the sun shone, the water of the Seine sparkled and the wind blew lightly, we commenced our exploration of the city. Since I have been to Paris twice before, I knew what spots I wanted to show my friend (check out my previous blogs about Paris: Mon Paris, Paris + Autumn Lookbook, Picture Perfect Spots in Paris). We started with a stroll along ‘la Seine’, admired the beautiful Grand Palais, stopped by picturesque Pont Alexander III, took a glance at Hôtel des Invalides and were able to cross the round about at Place de la Concorde after several attempts; what a bustling city!

Since both of us were quite hungry, we decided to take a break and enjoy a classical Parisian breakfast at a bistro next to the Tuileries garden. The breakfast consisted of a Nutella crepe, a croissant, a glass of orange juice and a ‘cafe creme’. After this delicious meal, we walked through the Tuileries garden and explored the summer fair that was currently going on there. After sitting on a bench and enjoying the nature around us, we resumed our sightseeing route. Next up was Place Vendôme!

All the expensive stores and luxurious restaurants: this area is a wonderful place for fashion lovers like myself. Looking for an arrondissement in Paris to do some window shopping? This is the one! While we were on our way to Galleries Lafayette (a fashionista’s dream!), we stumbled upon an amazing building. Curious to find out what building it was, we walked around it and took a quick look inside. Apparently this stunning building is Palais Garnier; what a treasure!


Once we arrived at Lafayette, we observed the luxury and stared at the magnificent dome. We found out that we could actually walk on a catwalk made out of glass at a height of 16 meters to observe the dome even better. That’s exactly what we did. We also checked out the rooftop terrace after which we left for Palais Royal.


But first, it was time for a ‘pain au chocolat’! We came across a beautiful bakery while wandering through the streets of Paris, the pastry was absolutely delicious! On our way to Palais Royal, we walked right past one of Paris’ cute passages and couldn’t resist to check it out.


The area of Palais Royal is one of my favorites. The ambiance is so calm and sophisticated. We sat in the garden of Palais Royal, right in the sunshine and next to a pond and soaked up Paris’ charming atmosphere. Then we walked next door to the actual Palais Royal. This is basically a court with black and white striped pillars of different heights; a perfect location to take some pictures at for the gram.


A little later, we crossed the road to visit the Louvre museum and ticked seeing the Mona Lisa off our bucket list.

We then walked towards an island in the Seine on which Saint-Chapelle and the Notre Dame Cathedral are located. I had never been to the Saint-Chapelle so this was an interesting experience! Since me and my friend are both under 18, we were able to skip the line and enter the church for free! This was also the case for the Louvre, which was a great bonus! The church was so colorful and the architecture was very very detailed. See for yourself in the picture below! After that we visited the Notre Dame, I was curious to find out what was still accessible for the public after the fire some time ago. The square in front of the cathedral was inaccessible, therefore we couldn’t enter the cathedral either since the entrance was blocked by tents and fences. We still loved seeing this sight and think the rather long walk was worth it!


It was then time to take the subway to the Arc de Triomphe. I wanted to go up the arch, but sadly we weren’t able to do so because we didn’t have an adult that could accompany us. We walked through the cute Parisian streets and went food shopping for our picnick. We then took the subway to Trocadero (the viewing platform in front of the Eiffel Tower) and walked to the park behind the main tourist attraction where we sat down and had a picnick with the most breathtaking view ever!


After we said the Eiffel Tower goodbye and enjoyed the last views of the city of love, we walked back to our bus stop. After a good 11 hours in the city, we left to go home again. What a day, what an adventure!

Merci Paris ♡ à bientôt!



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